Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MTC Week 7: Prophet day‏

Ok so this week has gone well there wasnt really anything that happened there was fathers day and the guy who came and spoke to us wished us future happy fathers day which was funny. And all i have to say is im never sending stuff home again because everytime i do the person who i send a package to is never there to recieve it, i sent dad a package like on friday and it will have probably have goten there today or sometime this week and he is at scout camp but i guess thats ok the preasant is really good and i hope you love it dad. ok yeah i recieved the super awesome package this last week and it was good i didnt get why on earth you sent me those glasses things from the 70's but its cool, i ate all the food already well me and my companions. Ok so the reason for the title is that i read eriks letter and he said that he was getting a new mission presidant, and where do all the mission presidents go befor they go to their areas thats right the mtc. So maybe i can meet eriks new mission pres. this next week and tell him to watch out for my freaking amazing brother. Yeah i know what your thinking is your mission pres. coming in this week too.... no he is not our pres. has been out a year so he will come home when i do and by home i meen germany because thats where he is from, not only are the new mission pres. coming like all the prophets and aposles are coming on saturday and we get to hear from them like 4 times in the next week which is awesome, i saw ave yesterday for the last time in 2 years and it was nice having him here for the 3 out of the 12 weeks that im here, but it was funny because i was like i will miss you when i see the prophet and all the apostles then i huged him and said goodbye. I know im the luckest person here for being here to see all of them. Ok so there really isnt anything to write about so i will just name some good things that i did this week went to the temple and did a session and it was fun because our teacher gave us some names to do and that always fun, we get to do it again this week, cool right. Dad i hope you have fun this week at scout camp up in schofield, one of my comps worked up there for 3 years and loved it and said it was a really good camp, and thats way exciting that you get 3 days paied off of work that is a reall blessing. Ok so yesterday i got into my scriptures and i was trying to find out what the urim and thummim where and what roll they played in the prophets lifes and their reviltion and i came accross this stuff about the temple and i realised that when brother schow came to our house i wasnt really listning and that if i could get those papers that he had and that i think he gave me but i must have lost them, that would be really awesome.
Ok so yeah it would be awesome if i could get a small preach my gosple and some music to preform( preferably in ukrainian) but yeah i think the small preach my gosple would go really well with my small new scriptures that i am going to buy tomorrow and start marking like crazy. You know something that i always took for granted was scripture study and how i would just put it aside because i was tired or i just didnt want to read but i was an idiot and i cant believe i did that. In preach my gosple it says to study the scriptures at a desk not your bed and to read it daily and that we arent aloud to get anyone baptized until they read the bom daily and i thought, man i would have been a terable investigator. so my chalange to all of you is to love your scriptures not just the book of mormon but the bible pearl of great price and also docteran and covanants not only to love them but to study them as if your life depended on it get a new set of scriptures and mark them write in them get a study journal and write insperation you get because that is the most pure way to gain a testimony of god is to read his words and to study them at a desk not your bed.
I have so little time left in the mtc like 20 days do you know how fast that goes and how much i wish that i was out there now and how much i wish i had like 5 more weeks because i dont know about you but while im in the mtc time has flown by and i dont feel like im ready but i just want to be out there because i know the lord will make a way for me to do his work.
Well i love you all and will write you soon probably today a few letters but if not i love you and goodbye
Elder Naumann In
(i love you erik)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MTC Week 6: No Room in the inn

Ok so this week we got all the new missionaries and they are great and kind of crazy. the reason for the title is that there are so many of them 64 that everything has goten so crazy and kind of stupid we got them all on our floor and we only have like 12 showers and like 3 of them dont work so needless to say we wake up early so we can get a shower. but its cool to have all those new guys so that we can teach them false things like telling them how to say happy new year and tell them it means hello. but for serious they are really cool we got 3 new kiev missionaries their speaking russion but still they are cool. one of them got in here 6 days after graduation yes highschool graduation and he is still 18 and will be for a year and his sister is in the mtc going to norway and his parents are about to come in, in 2 weeks for the mission pres. seminar yeah mission pres. and they are going to spain yeah kind of crazy but he is fun. ok so this week me and my comps. sang in sacrament meeting and it was really good, elder nielson doesnt know how to sing he really wants to but doesnt know how to he wants to sing tennor but i made him sing bass because it was the only way i could make him sound alright and elder pockrus sang tennor and i sang melody. and it was in ukrainian which was way cool. ok mom before i forget my district is 9c and we live in 12m and we have class in 8m and our branch pres. is pres. cranny. so nothing really exciting happened this week but me and my comps. decided to do something about 2 weeks ago and they are winning it was to keep the same tie on every day untill they got a letter and i got a package i thougt i would where mine for like 2 days because you keep telling me your going to send me a package and then nothing so its been about a 2 week fast from a different tie but i still love you. and i love your letter everyone else in my district doesnt really get dear elders so their usually mine. ok so i litteraly only have like 4 weeks left until im in ukraine and its kind of freaky because we have started to do syl for 3 days in the week and moving up every week and we did it yesterday and it gave me a headache not fun at all but i knew alot more than i thougt. ok so yesterday we had a speaker who is giong to Russia as one of the quoram of the 70 he was really funny and he was a very powerful speaker. ok because there is nothing else to talk about i will tell you about our investigators so first there is tamara and she is a 74 year old woman who is kind of interested in the gosple but is kind of resistant but we have a baptismal date for her but we wont have enough time to teach all the lessons. we also have an investigator named illya he is fun loving and is really cool we have a baptisimal date for him too he said he had a dream and wanted to be baptizeds so we said cool our teacher said time out and we talked about if an investigator says they want to be baptized we need to do something more than saying cool but we didnt understand what he was saying so we responded to what we heard so yeah fun times we teach about 8 times a week kind of streasfull. well yeah other than that yeah we sat in class for 100 hours a week and learn the gosple in Ukrainian. yeah im still a missionary and i serve the lord. I love everyone even you erik. Elder Naumann out

He sounds happy! I love that! If any of you want to write him using, you simply create an account using your email, choose Provo, MTC as the mission (which is free) his MTC box is 115, mission UKR-KIE, Departure date 0711. They print these out and they get them just like a letter in their box. You can do it every day if you want (I try to) and it gives them a fun connection to family and friends.

MTC Week 5: Fresh Blood

Ok so this week we are going to be gitting 64 new russions and we get 20 of them in our zone thats alot of people we are way excited to start being the old ones. Thankyou erik for the words of wisdom and not the words of wisdom where he knows how to rip the heads of the chickens head although that would be alot of fun. this week we did a speak your language meeting wherer we as the 2 zones decided to syl for some days out of the next 5 weeks where we do syl for 3 days in one week 4 days in the next and 5 the next and so on and so forth but it was really good  because we as a district have been trying to do that but its hard to do it when your the only ones doing it, well we have that problem anyway because we are the only 5 ukrainians here that speak ukrainian the others speak russion and im starting to speak russion aswell its not that hard when 20 of the people you see and talk to everyday speak russion and that its basicaly the same as ukrainian but way easier, i have desided to try to be fluent in russion too its not that hard when almost noone in ukrain speaks ukrainian. all my teachers can speak russion and have all passed super advansed college classes that would normally take like 2 years to pass. we allso had mission conferance because it was fast sunday and it was just so awesome i cant believe i took stuff like that for granted before i came here i love it here and im making a goal to love it when i get home but we will see how that works out  
ok so we also had a super spiritual devotional on tuesday and that was supper awesome the speaker was elder Jensen of the 70 he talked about us as missionaries and my favorite quote from him was "what more is asked of us that a handful of dust for worlds without end. man i love that quote i will use it always. ok so i was just sending you that talk because i thought it would be funny because i dont understand it either so we are all on the same boat and i wish i was on a boat in the ocean like kyle and katie but it makes me sad that i will miss his b day but i dont know i did send him a b-day present but he wont be there to get it and its like the best present ever thats all im going to say. ok so when i do leave where ever i am i might be able to face time you with my i touch and that would be free if there is wifi so lets hope but if there isnt you should just send me a card. so im going to send you my sd card about a week before i leave and i will need you to send it back like the day you get it, and i still havent goten my nerf guns mom so you better step it up im only here for another 5 weeks and thats not along time, oh something else cool this week i saw elder clark he looks good and he is only going to be here for another 2 weeks i hate state side missionaries sometime but then i remember im going to somewhere way cooler, and by cooler i mean (erik quit whining about it being 75 there im going somewhere where 75 is the high and -20 is average) cooler so i hope you freeze in that 75 deagree wheather. ok and on sunday me and my companions are singing in sacrament, yes in ukrainian and one of my companions has never sung before but he plays the piano and he sings pritty well but my other companion cant sing at all but he really wants to, somedays i think he is tone deaf but he is doing really well and he sound ok as a base but he wants to sing tennor but he cant he wants me to teach him how to sing in all of our free time so i guess i will try. well love all of you my time has come up and i have to stop love you all Elder Naumann