Thursday, May 24, 2012

MTC Week 4:я любов вас

ok so titled my letter i dont think you can understand it but it says i love you all and it is true but i cant send you any pictures the computers here are really stupid and restricted but i will send you my pictures on my card when i can. ok there are some things that i really want you to send me oh and i did get your package ok so i want like a cheap ukrainian flag from that map store and i also want a small preach my gosple, and also i want some of my small nerf guns and bullets and like the jolts and maybe any other that you can fit in so shawn i want you to get them ready for mom. ok thats really all i want but thankyou for the packages they have all been great but my only day i can write letters is on wednesday and my emails will come usually in the morning unless the computers are broken, so im going to the temple in an hour but the temple will be closed for like the next 3 to 4 weeks for cleaning so we are doing a marathon. Ok so im so angry that i couldnt come to the secret garden i hate it but im sure it was good. and macey i want you to be in every play next year because it will be way fun, i thought i could be in the beauty and the beast but nope we did phantom. im so happy i dont have to be home to work on the garden even though it probably looks really good. alright my shedule i almost the same all the time we have class either in the morning or at night for 2, 3 hour periouds. and we have like 5 hours worth of additional study, personal study, companion study and language study just lots of study. then gym for 50 min that kind of sucks but i play 4 square like every day and we have some devotionals and some other spiritual stuff. we eat and the food really sucks i get cerial because i have eaten everything here. so this week we didnt have a general authority but we had a really great speaker and he talked about bridaling passions and letting virtue garnish your thoughts that really hit me i never really thought about virtue garnishing my thoughts but i got out of it that any thought that cant have virtue be a part of it is not good and you need to run away from it as fast as you can like its a giant sacry monster. we all had a great time talking after and we basicaly kolobed the last 20 min.  it was way weird to see the allens here but it was good to see someone i knew and they were way cool, i didnt see sister oswalds talk it was in realeef society but im sure it was way good. Well my time is up and i have to finish my laundry but i love all of you.
Love Elder Naumann

Monday, May 21, 2012

MTC: Week 3

Ok so this week started out great we had one of the directors of missionary work talk to us on friday and he was great it is always a wonder if you will get to see one of the general authorities and sometimes its a dissapointment. some people were saying that the prophet was coming for mothers day and my companion said yeah because there are so many mothers here to honer...... not well i guess there are we have the sr. missionaries. then this tuesday we knew that a general authority was coming because basicly during choir (which im in by the way) they chech for bombs and that is a sure sign of a general authority. I was right it was L. tom Parry he is such a funny man, its funny talking about the prophits and apostles because all of them are really funny, he talked about the priesthood and how it was the 183rd aniversery of the restoration of the priesthood. After the talk we all go back to our class rooms and we talk about what we learned and any questions we have and sister Ellwanger had lots of questions about the priesthood and how we knew it was true and we all explained why we thought and our testimonies of why we thoutht it was true. I love talking about why we think things are true and its awesome hearing others bear their testimonies.
we havent really taught this week it has been awesom and way less stressful and i feel like i have learned about more this week in the language than any other week before because we arent focused on the freaky investigators we are freaked out about what new thing i can learn or what can i review so i can remember this language when i need to. So mom i hope you got my letter either today or yesterday its really good i spent lots of time thinking about what to send because all the cards in the book store and i didnt know what to do so i really hope you get it.
mom you are the best ever im so proud you got your certificate to talk to people about their problems.
Dad i want you to follow the wisdom of the men in our ward and buy lots of guns you only have until Dec. 21 until the undead will rise and you wont be prepaired enough. Macey i want to know what happened in the ledgend of corra and i want you to know you are dumb for wanting to buy a 400 doller dress most people who go to those banquets are just in regular sunday clothes and i want to know the day of what the plays are, but im sure you look very beautiful in your dress. Josie i cant beleve they didnt hire you to work at the pool that so lame, but know that everything is for a purpose and maybe hevenly father needs you to write grandmas story, and put of working as long as you can its not that much fun and you can just do what kyle did ask mom for the money =) just kidding but im sure babysitting will get you probably as much money as the pool would. Shawn my brother i want some cool pics. of your room i bet its sick and i want you to hug mom for me today because i cant call.
well my time is almost up i will probably write you a letter today about anything i forgot so i love all of you
Elder Naumann

MTC: Week 2

Well i found out that in the mtc there really is not much to talk about except sundays and tuesdays because the days are all the same we have class we teach investigators and we do more class and 50 min of gym which sucks because i want more. but this sunday wasnt that spectacular it was fast sunday and for some reason i wasnt really hungry we went and sat in a meeting for 2 hours and then like 3 1 hour meetings but i love sunday because it is a break from all the classes and mindless studding that we have to do for hours oon end. Ok so my companion has been sick for like 2 weeks and has had 2 ear infections and a really bad cold and then guess what happened to me spending 24/7 with him i got sick yeah i have had a really bad cold and couldnt talk for the past week but yeah it sucked i couldnt focus in class and all i wanted was sleep and thats the one thing they dont give you in the mtc. it havs been a very humbling experience not being well. This tuesday we got to see one of the 12 apostles d tood cristopherson he was very weird he was a cool guy but i didnt really understand his approch to teaching he would say like a 3 sec. thing and then have one of us say something about a scripture but we did that for 45 min it would never end but before the meeting i prayed that i would recive an answer to a question and it didnt come until after the meeting when we were all talking as a district.
ok that alpacha looks like so much fun i want one when i get home, and i am glad that i wasnt there to clean up the branches i love being here for that. Im glad you are getting stuff done except my room i want it to be a gun room with wepons hanging on the wall and dead animals hanging on the wall. gma i want you to know i pray for you and that i think about you constantly and i want you to know your decision is the right one and know that whatever happens to you god will be with you.
ok so i already have kim and alexis' address but i wanted to know when jason leaves for the mtc i want to know if i will be in here, because i love seeing people i know here i saw chance in here yesterday and i always forget how tall he is but he is doing good. hey i got your package monday and like 5 letters from dear elder it was awesome i love the 3 tie's you got me they are hidious i mean wonderfuly beautiful. ok so i found a water bottle that is like kyles here at the mtc but i dont want to buy it if he has already ordered i so i would like to know soon so i can not be thursty anymore. ok and the other stuff i want is a ukrainian flag and an extra t shirt. ok in one of my next letters home i will send a sd card and an explenation of all the pictures and everyone in them but then i want you to send it back with some good stuff. well i know these letters are short but atleast i write you letters so be greatful i only have 30 min to write on p days but i love you all even the alpacha and erik 4 months thats freaky love Elder Naumann.

MTC: Week 1

Well i got here wednesday and i have been here one week and it is crazy. you have read some of my letters and yes mom i do love you more than everyone else but not only that i do love everyone else too and maybe i will write you all something too. ok so my companions are from af elder packrus and st george elder nielson and the 2 sisters are sister echols sandy and sister ellwanger she is from isriel but she speaks english and was born in the us. my teachers are brother file and brother higgins oh and sister garrett she is from ukraine. so the language is coming good i can say a prayer and say my testimony. we have already given 4 lessons in ukrainian and they are so hard to give when you can only pray and say your testimony. the classes are long and the freetime/sport time is little we have 50 min a week to play and we usually do four square. lets just say that i rock at dubles four square. the classes are 3 hours and we have 2 of them and then 2 hours of language study so its very long. elder packrus has been sick this whole past week and it has been suckey for him. so we gave him a blessing on saturday and got him proscribed monday and he has been doing alot better. we as a district are very small and we dont really have people to relate to or help us will the language every one is either going to russia or ukraine russian speaking but its all good my companions are already better at the speaking and im better at the rules. ok so if you didnt get all the stuff that i wanted in my letters this is it ok so i want a cheep big ukrainian flag and duct tape and maybe like 1 more shirt i cant really remember the rest but yeah you will get my other letter soon so yeah. the food here is great but all the other missionaries say that it gives you diareah i hope i spelled that right but i havent got it yet but some elders have had it since eastersssssss and lets just say the living quarters smell like guys nasty. im so excited to here where cole is going and chance clinger is coming in today and i hope i get to see him soon.
alright so that was what i did during the week but on sunday i had such a great day we didnt have to work we sat in meetings and we sang ukrainian and we lisened to the mission quardinator he was so awesome the spirit in the meeting was great. we then sat the charicter of christ by david a bednar and some of the other missionaries said that it was life changing and it was it was one of the greatest talks in the world look it up if you can the pure truths that that man knows is awesome. i went to the temple today and i love it going with my companions is awesome 10 more times before i leave. so yeah 12 weeks and i leave july 10th not 11th i think but if i find it diferent i will tell you. well i have to go my time is out but i love you all and i pray for grandma. oh yeah i want everyones address like kyles and i want anyone elses you can think of but i love all of you Dobri dein.
Elder Naumann