Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MTC Week 5: Fresh Blood

Ok so this week we are going to be gitting 64 new russions and we get 20 of them in our zone thats alot of people we are way excited to start being the old ones. Thankyou erik for the words of wisdom and not the words of wisdom where he knows how to rip the heads of the chickens head although that would be alot of fun. this week we did a speak your language meeting wherer we as the 2 zones decided to syl for some days out of the next 5 weeks where we do syl for 3 days in one week 4 days in the next and 5 the next and so on and so forth but it was really good  because we as a district have been trying to do that but its hard to do it when your the only ones doing it, well we have that problem anyway because we are the only 5 ukrainians here that speak ukrainian the others speak russion and im starting to speak russion aswell its not that hard when 20 of the people you see and talk to everyday speak russion and that its basicaly the same as ukrainian but way easier, i have desided to try to be fluent in russion too its not that hard when almost noone in ukrain speaks ukrainian. all my teachers can speak russion and have all passed super advansed college classes that would normally take like 2 years to pass. we allso had mission conferance because it was fast sunday and it was just so awesome i cant believe i took stuff like that for granted before i came here i love it here and im making a goal to love it when i get home but we will see how that works out  
ok so we also had a super spiritual devotional on tuesday and that was supper awesome the speaker was elder Jensen of the 70 he talked about us as missionaries and my favorite quote from him was "what more is asked of us that a handful of dust for worlds without end. man i love that quote i will use it always. ok so i was just sending you that talk because i thought it would be funny because i dont understand it either so we are all on the same boat and i wish i was on a boat in the ocean like kyle and katie but it makes me sad that i will miss his b day but i dont know i did send him a b-day present but he wont be there to get it and its like the best present ever thats all im going to say. ok so when i do leave where ever i am i might be able to face time you with my i touch and that would be free if there is wifi so lets hope but if there isnt you should just send me a card. so im going to send you my sd card about a week before i leave and i will need you to send it back like the day you get it, and i still havent goten my nerf guns mom so you better step it up im only here for another 5 weeks and thats not along time, oh something else cool this week i saw elder clark he looks good and he is only going to be here for another 2 weeks i hate state side missionaries sometime but then i remember im going to somewhere way cooler, and by cooler i mean (erik quit whining about it being 75 there im going somewhere where 75 is the high and -20 is average) cooler so i hope you freeze in that 75 deagree wheather. ok and on sunday me and my companions are singing in sacrament, yes in ukrainian and one of my companions has never sung before but he plays the piano and he sings pritty well but my other companion cant sing at all but he really wants to, somedays i think he is tone deaf but he is doing really well and he sound ok as a base but he wants to sing tennor but he cant he wants me to teach him how to sing in all of our free time so i guess i will try. well love all of you my time has come up and i have to stop love you all Elder Naumann

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