Friday, May 17, 2013

Lviv zone conference

Dear Family 

I feel that my usual letters are a bit dry I just tell you what happened in the week and nothing really of the spiritual side or cool things like that and to be honest with you I cant really handle it anymore I get really board while im on the computer so my letters may be shorter but they should have more, more, something i dont know. 

So I think that I will do a quick run down of the week and then tell you some cool stuff that happened. So monday regular stuff with a family night at the bevsuke house, he is our elders quarm leader and it was great he is an artiest and i took pictures of his paintings and they are really good. 
Tuesday We had no district meeting because we had zone conference but we still had a meeting with zina to give her a piano lesson and then english. Wednesday we woke up early and got on a train and yeah mom trains are great you will love them and it was funny that kyle said that about the German people because ukranians are just the same they are way closed until you are lost and then they have the whole town trying to help you and then you start talking about the gospel and they shut the door on you. So we rode on the train for 7 hours and then we got into lviv and we went out to eat at a place called glory to ukraine and it was way good and then we went to my favorite old granny in lviv and we had borsh and i gave her a blessing an then roman came and brought me a music book of ukrainian folk songs so taht was cool. I love lviv. 

Thursday we spent the whole day inside with zone conference and a train ride back home another 7 hours and it was way cool. Friday we had well we slept in because our mission president isnt crazy well thats a lie but if we need to make up sleep we do it so we did for 2 hours and it was great and then we had a lesson that got dogged and then we started weekly planning and exchanges. Saturday I was with elder terry in his "area" its the same area. We had mcm and contacting and then English and it was fun he is a cool kid from lindon but he went to timp view i think but knows a lot of people i know. Sunday we had church and a return missionary came here to visit and that was cool and church and then finish weekly planning and in the end erik called me on my cell phone and i dint know who it was so i answered in ukrainian and that was funny but then we rushed to the church and didskype with him and that was way cool and then my companion skyped his family. 

So I really dont know what else I can say maybe I will tell you something about how lviv was. I was way excited to got to lvivbecause we were going to see roman and also my favorite bobushka and we did we went and i felt like I was home it was so weird we went over to my grannies house and talked and ate for a while but then roman came and my companion doesn't like roman he thinks he is too friendly towards missionaries and i was just loving it he is my favorite person ever. We also had a cool experience with the train ride home because in zone conference we were talking about how to best talk with people on trains and stuff like that and then on our way back we got contacted by 3 people and that was way awesome and it was a really fun train ride despite the fact we were on it for 7 hours in regular missionary clothes but whatever it was great, elder porter makes everything funny.

Well something I am doing right now is reading the book of Mormon all the way through again and its really great that even thought i have read it like 200 times i still get stuff out of it. For example when nephi the son of helaman is talking about the people and their wickedness, He talks about how he wishes he was in his fathers time when everyone was righteous and how he wishes he was there, Sometimes i feel like that but then i think Im here In the right place at the right time so there is no need to think of the what ifs or if only's because god has called us to this time so that was cool. 

Well family i hope that was good maybe i will think about it more next week so 

Love you Elder Naumann

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