Monday, September 30, 2013

Here he comes again

Dear Family,
Well this week is the week we got transfer info, and well it was interesting. So first let me give you a backround in what a typical transfer of president K goes, you stay with a companion for 2 transfers and in totall 4 in an area about 6 months and i like thismethid but now having pres. lattin as our mission president everything has changed. He likes people to only be in an area 2 transfers and with companions for 1.
So my companion is getting transferred to become a zone leader and im staying to become the group leader and to again to serve with you guessed it elder vernon the man i spent 6 months with already in a small cold town called brovery and now we are back together, He is the district leader and all the surroundings that we had in brovary like a big branch, cold ugly apt. and no languageskils. now we have a really small group and the language is good and the apt. is great so yeah it will be fun. It leads me to believe that i will be leaving uzhorod in 6 weeks.
Also something cool is that elder callister is coming into our district and will end his mission here with me and that will be cool it was funny because we had a lunch with a member here who does our registration asked us if i was serving with callister or vernonand i was like well i guess elder callister because i already served with elder vernon but i guess that doesnt make a difference to the lord. but as a consolation prize for not winning elder callister i get him in our district.
So mom you ask me about what i want in my Christmas package, and well you already know about the brown sugar and the peanut butter and you ask about anything else and well to be honest with you, I have clothes for the next year i have 4 suits (2 were gifts from a rich friend) and now i have an extra coat like a big guy also from that rich guy so i really dont know what more i could need. My good friend elder johansen just made a funny comment, We dont live in a third world country. I wasnt going to say anything but any country without peanutbutter is a third world country.

Well this week was uzhorodes 1120 birthday so that was cool except for the extra dose of drunk guys on the street but whatever. So something cool this week we had 3 Americans come to church and they have been coming here for this like children's help program and they were here 15 years ago when the branch here had just opened and then closed. They told us why the missionaries were taken out 15 years ago, its because the mission pres. wanted the big cities to grow and so he let this city die. they said that they have been praying for 15 years for this place to open again and now it has.
Well thats about all this week im glad everything is good at home and tell grandma i love her.

Love Elder Naumann

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