Thursday, May 24, 2012

MTC Week 4:я любов вас

ok so titled my letter i dont think you can understand it but it says i love you all and it is true but i cant send you any pictures the computers here are really stupid and restricted but i will send you my pictures on my card when i can. ok there are some things that i really want you to send me oh and i did get your package ok so i want like a cheap ukrainian flag from that map store and i also want a small preach my gosple, and also i want some of my small nerf guns and bullets and like the jolts and maybe any other that you can fit in so shawn i want you to get them ready for mom. ok thats really all i want but thankyou for the packages they have all been great but my only day i can write letters is on wednesday and my emails will come usually in the morning unless the computers are broken, so im going to the temple in an hour but the temple will be closed for like the next 3 to 4 weeks for cleaning so we are doing a marathon. Ok so im so angry that i couldnt come to the secret garden i hate it but im sure it was good. and macey i want you to be in every play next year because it will be way fun, i thought i could be in the beauty and the beast but nope we did phantom. im so happy i dont have to be home to work on the garden even though it probably looks really good. alright my shedule i almost the same all the time we have class either in the morning or at night for 2, 3 hour periouds. and we have like 5 hours worth of additional study, personal study, companion study and language study just lots of study. then gym for 50 min that kind of sucks but i play 4 square like every day and we have some devotionals and some other spiritual stuff. we eat and the food really sucks i get cerial because i have eaten everything here. so this week we didnt have a general authority but we had a really great speaker and he talked about bridaling passions and letting virtue garnish your thoughts that really hit me i never really thought about virtue garnishing my thoughts but i got out of it that any thought that cant have virtue be a part of it is not good and you need to run away from it as fast as you can like its a giant sacry monster. we all had a great time talking after and we basicaly kolobed the last 20 min.  it was way weird to see the allens here but it was good to see someone i knew and they were way cool, i didnt see sister oswalds talk it was in realeef society but im sure it was way good. Well my time is up and i have to finish my laundry but i love all of you.
Love Elder Naumann

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