Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ukraine week 5:Little Gnome

So this week was fun, normal but fun. First we began this week with going over to this american family for family night and it was a suprise party for these 2 girls they brought over here to watch their kids and that was fun they always make great food it was a birthday party and a going away party as well the 2 girls had to go home because of school.

So on tuesday we had a good district meeting and after that we went on exchanges with the zone leaders who are the other elders in our district so me and elder hansen rocked it up and we had 1 member lesson with this guy named Ihor and he is cool he speaks english and helped me alot with language and he is fun to talk to.

Also this week me and elder olsen did alot of area book work which is calling and trying to recontact old droped investigators and so i was doing most of the calling and talking but it was good and good language experience for me but it was sad to go throught the area book and see that some of these people hadent been contacted for 3 years yeah so we got about 10 people in but there is still alot to work through to get everyone called.

This week we have been running more than before and i can now keep up with everyone else and its good and i have so far lost 25 pounds since i have been on the mission and that is just crazy and i can feel it too i just dont know where it all was and has now gone its crazy.

So this thursday we went to this young men and young womans activity and that was way fun we only hav 2 young women and 1 young man but it was still fun we went under this castle where there is a museum and it was fun but kind of lame but aperently the tour guide was talking so fast no one could understand him and then we all went up the tower of L'viv and that was 300 stairs to the top it was fun because i walk up that or more every day so it wasnt a problem for me but then we went down into this creapy church and we took pictures and left really fast but yeah this day was packed with fun so then that same day me and elder olsen went to a cafe and saw this girl painting in the street and she was painting the street and it was awesome so we went over to see the painting and we started to talk with her there was also a man there and he was looking at the painting too but we thought they were together because we were talking to her in english which she understood alittle and russian which we knew alittle and so this guy was helping us but then the walked over to this curb and sort of fell and layed down and passed out 3 times and that was weird and when he woke up he said he was fine and walked away this girl then prociedes to start cring and that was aquward so we asked her if she was ok and she packed up and left right then.

 And then we were walking around and we sat down on a bench and this drunk girl starts talking to us and she wasnt having any of the bible or the book of mormon and elder olsen thought she was posessed and i do too know thinking about it. Then we went to a hospital to talk with this sick member and give her a blessing and that was good to see her and talk with her. And then we headed back to english at the church and there was only one guy who showed up but then we sat down and worked on our poster and then these 2 guys who had been contacted by missionaries on the street came in and wanted us to teach them so of corse we did and right in the middle they asked us to speak in english and so we did these guys asked questions and listened and they were way cool they both have families and degrees which is rare in Ukraine and good jobs so we talked with them for a long time and were way late getting home our bad.

We are meeting with this guy sasha who i have told you about and we finaly got him to church........... he was drunk and his member wife was drunk and so we kicked them out and that was dumb, why do people drink alchohol? It only wrecks lifes and we cant help him until he stops drinking thats all we are working on with him.

Oh also this week was my 1 month mark in ukraine and what did i get on the day a new oven because ours is brokeded and so of corse we had to carry it all the way up to our apt. and thats right 96 stairs to the top woo hoo and that was good we havent used it yet because its not ready but we will get it to work soon and that was fun and so this week one of the zone leaders elder brathewate got a call from pres. saying that he is the new assistant woo hoo but that is kind of sad i only got to spend less than a transfer with him but they also have having people break in to their house because they lost their keys so we think its a member so they got a new key and everything is good but we have been sleeping over at their house to be their guard dogs.

But yeah thats my week im excited shawn finaly got his new gun and am way excited to shoot it i bet its fun and macey break a leg if you havent already :) 

Love Elder Naumann 

Ps. Kim it is alright for you to email me thats not against the rules but i cant email you directly but i can send you my general e mail and my mom now knows how to send me mail so just ask her for the way to do it 

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