Monday, August 20, 2012

Ukraine week 6: Transfers.....

Well this week was when we got out transfer information and that was scary for me cause our mission pres. is really random and spiritual when he chooses transfers for the missionary's and so i didn't know if i would be with my trainer for the full time i am supposed to be or if i would be leaving to be with someone else.

So i we started off this week very wet it rained for the first 3 days straight and i didn't have an umbrella or a jacket to keep me dry and that was fun we eventually found one and now i have a good umbrella but it took us way too long to get one and i was very wet the first couple days and now it has stooped though. And also on Monday we got our new oven installed and that was good it rocksand i love it but yeah, we did a lot of area book work this week too cause of the rain, no one was outside so we just called people and i don't know if i have told you but i have been trying to contact that family that sister rogers knew here in Lviv and we have had no success but then we called them on Tuesday and the woman on the other side of the phone said she didn't know anyone from America and that was sad cause she then hung up.. so that was weird we still planned on going to their house and see if it was the right number cause it was a home number and those things change all the time so it may be wrong. 

We have also been having alot of good lessons with our one investigator with a baptismal date and he has been showing up not as drunk or not drunk at all but he just doesn't understand and i think its because he speaks Russian better then he can Ukrainian and that has been hard but we decide to drop his baptismal date cause he is defiantly not ready but that's fun but sad too.

so this week we have really been focusing on finding cause we haven't had anyone new cause random things come up so we have been contacting like crazy and also tracking its one of my favorite things to do especially when people are nice to you and that is not very often but we talked to some really good people none of them are  new investigators and i found out that my least favorite statement ever is god is one.... yeah kyle and Erik I'm sure you love that one too but yeah dumb. 

so on Thursday i had the pleasure of going to ivano - frankievesk  with elder Hansen our zone leader, so the reason i had to go with him is cause apparently i missed a national registration here in lviv and i had to get it done in ivano so that was fun i thought it was going to be for registration down there and that i would be transferred and that kind of freaked me out cause the only missionaries that weren't dying down there were only  3 transfers in and almost as new as me but that didn't happen all is well but i spent Thursday and Friday there with elder kashawagie he is one of the missionaries that is dying and man is he a stud and that was fun and all is well it was fun to be down there.

OK so on our way to the apartment in ivano and my comp. calls me and tells me that he is at the referrals house that i got from sister rogers and i was like what why did you go without me, they got in by telling them that he knew sister rogers and then they got in and she said so tell me about Erin and her life and her kids and they were like well this is weird we actually don't know her so then he called me and i talked with them for a while and that was fun and stuff but they wanted to know more about sister rogers so i told them all i knew but it wasn't much so if sister rogers wants to pass on a message to this family i will be glad to do it so yeah that was dumb so we are going back again and talking to them with me there so yeah.....

Yeah so that's about all that happened is transfers and the exchange so I'm glad to hear that all of you are having a party at home and I'm praying for grandma, there is a woman here that reminds me of her and it makes me happy every time i see her so tell her i love her.

Elder naumann 3 ( according to Erik that is right so yeah)

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