Monday, November 12, 2012

Ukraine Week 18: Snow Really?

Wow I love that picture of our back yard with snow in it I would play in that all day long. ( not as a missionary) but yeah it looks like fun. 

So this week has been a fun one we have really decided to work with members more. I think its because my companion who has been out for a year like 2 days aggo is really sick of contacting for 8 hours in a day so we have really tried to find new ways to find referrals and reactivate those who have been lost from the fold because in the zone conference we had this week our mission president told us that we really needed to focus on the sheep we have rather then finding new ones just to loose them in 12 weeks or abandoning them after they reject you.

Our relationship with some really cool members has really grown this week we have had an opportunity to work on the ward list and really figure out where people are and what standing they have with the church so we have been working with brat roman and doing alot of work with the less actives and its funny he takes us out like almost every day and we try to refuse but he insists and says that the missionaries in America get fed every night and is said they also have cars and members drive them around when then run out of miles they can travel and so yeah he then told us he had a car and that the next day he would bring it but we didn't let him do that but today is his birthday so we have some really good stuff planned for him so hopefully our efforts will show results soon.

We also had a really good zone conference this week with our mission president in which he told us that our zone was splitting and we were all like why but we still dont know but maybe soon we will find out but the next couple of transfers will be interesting because our mission is estimated to receive 50 more missionaries and like 40 of them will be sisters so yeah crazy stuff he said he hopes to have a sister companionship in every branch so that will be a change and really exciting and it will be cool to see how that also effects the rest of the world too.

We also got transfer information on Saturday and basically our whole zone is staying where it is and thats so boring but its ok because im going another transfer here in l'viv and I love it here i have been here for almost 5 months now and the time is going faster and faster and next transfer will be a mystery cause we will hopefully be opening a new city and who knows I may be training and staying here in l'viv and that would make it 6 months in one city and that will be crazy but who knows what will happen. I wonder if this happens in American missions if missionaries want to serve in specific cities of if its all the same to them.

So how are things going with your companion? Everything is going ok i still love him and he still loves me I just found out what he is, he is a 40 year old man in a 20 year olds body but im over it he is great and we do just fine.

 Are there just the 2 of you in your apartment, or are there more?Yeah there are only 2 of us and its a old apt. it is 130 years old but its a good one.

 Who does the cooking? Do you cook for yourselves, or together? Well yeah me and elder tribett buy our food separately and we cook separately and it actually has been awesome cause I dont have to eat anything I dont want, but as a result of my trying to lose weight I eat basically the same 4 things every 4 days but I love it its so simple and I get everything I want. 

 Have you received your package yet? No i didnt but i have a feeling it is in the mission office but i think it would have just arrived and so they cant get it out to us until the next time we are in kiev and since none of us got transferred or are going to kiev for any reason until the 6 of December i think thats when i will get it. 

Do you know if we will be able to Skye or face time? Just wondering...:) I think yes we will be able to but our transfers are going to be 2 days before Christmas and everything will be different if i get transferred but there are plenty of computer clubs and all i need is wifi and all the churches have their own wifi so all will be well.

Alexis going to Houston Texas East she will have so much fun and wow what a prediction from that one shirt she has and the guy who said that first. Also I want to know who her mission president is going to be because we were all in the MTC when all the mission precedents came and i want to know if I meet them and if one of the missionaries on the mission right now knows them personally... Alexis you are in for a world of  well if i said fun I would be lying but you are about to enter into a time where you will have the best memories of your life. I have been talking with my companion Elder Tribett from las Vegas and we decided why missions feel so short and at the same time can drag on at times, its because of the activities you fill your time. I doubt you will be doing much street contacting or tracking my companion said while he was in Virginia he only tracked twice and the most he did on the mission were car stop by's to less active members and eating out every night at members houses and really doing alot of good stuff but I dont know really anything about your mission but i do know it will be different from anything you have ever done in your entire life so live it up.(Alexis Texas) 

So love you all and am jealous that you all heard form elder Bednar but I hope it was awesome.

Elder Naumann

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