Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ukraine week 20:Turkey.... anyone

Well this week was a fun one with thanksgiving and well thats honestly it. this week we did alot with getting ready for thanksgiving and then of course eating the food and feeling sick afterwards and having to clean up. 

So the beginning of this week was fun especially p-day so we had the regular stuff like shopping, Internet and eating out. Then in the evening we had a family night with a really cool family here, They wanted to go out bowling and they invited us and so we went and didnt really have a spiritual thought but it was a way fun time. The family has two really little boys about 5 and 3 years old and they got into playing and watching their parents. But unfortunately we all we awful but we were all bad together and yeah when we all suck its a fun time. 

Then Tuesday we had exchanges with the zone leaders and thats not really that exciting because they are in our district so we know them eat out with them all the time know all their investigators but its always fun. I went out with Elder Hanson he is a cool army kid from Texas and he is super at just doing alot of stuff and still keeping a cool head. He was a zone leader at his year mark on his mission and thats rather impressive. We had fun with fire too.....

 I know you told us that you would be having a meal with your district and I hope that was good? Well to answer your question yes it, it was really good we had alot of food and alot of prep time we spent 2 hours the night before making cornbread and brownie cookies and making phone calls to investigators.

 Do they sell turkeys there? Yeah they do but we had already bought a chicken so we made both and ate both. 

 Who was in charge of cooking? We all pitched in we had our own things to cook and have ready and then we brought them all over to the church and ate them in a big fancy dinner well with plastic utensils so Ukrainian Fancy Dinner.

So the morning of Thanksgiving we had a service project with this inactive sister who is sort of an extremist. So the project was to get her and her husband firewood and no we didnt just go cut down a nice big tree, we climed up to the top of the building and there was an atic there with a home made lader to get up there and then half of us had to climb up there and grab huge logs well not logs, suport beams they were big but the only way to lower them down was to ust a 200 year old rope and it was only about 4 feet long and it was a 15 ft. drop so we started with the rope on the log and me at the bottom ready to grab it and then the rope broke and then i broke my face... Not true I caught it and it was scary. We did that with 4 other big logs but wait thats not the end. We then set the logs infront of a cafe and grabed a cupple saws and started cutting. Imagine it 4 missionaries cutting wood infront of a nice little cafe so that was funny so then we cut the wood with an ax and then carried it to their basement so all in all a funny and good service project. 

So cool spirtual experience of the week. We have been teaching this guy named volodia for about 3 months now, we havent actualy taught him since the first month but he showed up to church out of nowhere and turns out that he is childhood best friends with one of our really strong members and they saw each other and he told him he was reading the book of mormon and this man gave his testimony and said that this was the best day of his life and that the lord truly does prepair people. I know he does and if he wanted to he could do anything with the work here. 

I love you all im glad you had a fun time in st. george have a great week.

Love Elder Naumann

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