Monday, November 11, 2013

What A Week

So in short the miracle of the week is that on this Saturday there will be 2 people getting baptized here in little uzhorod which brings our numbers up to 10. It really has been a miracle with them both being ready at the same time. I wont tell you much detail but one woman has 4 member children and the other woman is a friend of a member who we started teaching and she started our first meeting with what can i do to get baptized next week so we told here and its just been a miracle. 

We also had president lattin over this weekend and he is so great he helped us with the whole branch thing and how he is our leader so that was great we also just had studies with him which are always fun and really interesting. 

We also had a really fun Halloween party where we trick or treated. In Ukrainian they translate it to candy or death thats what they said when they came to the door we had. We also played bobbing for apples and the apples that we had were so small so what i did was i just sucked up the apple into my mouth and everyone was wondering where the apple was and then i opened my mouth and the apple fell it was funny. We played a few other games and they really loved it. 

Sorry this is so short i have to go to a lesson. That was basically my week and yeah so have a great one everyone. 

Love Elder Naumann

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