Monday, October 28, 2013

Random miracles

Dear Family,
This week sounds like it has been busy and full of lots of things, Well that's the same for me too, when i look back at the time that i have spent here in uzhorod it feels weird and i dont think that i like how fast time is going. Its also weird cause I have been working on school applications and it was weirder to have elder callister tell me that he is signing up for classes. Man real life comes way to quick and sometimes people think, If only i can make it to the end of my mission, or the end of school or this or that it will all be better and easier. That is not the case we have to let ourselves to be happy now because god intended us to be happy now and for us to see the beauty now.
This week we had a few visitors including the zone leaders for exchanges and elder tribett for de-registration. The zone leaders were sort of fun because we had elder terry back and all the members wanted to see him which is always fun to be with those missionaries and hope that the members would do the same thing for me if i ever come back.
We had some really cool miracles this week one of them including one of our members bringing one of their friends back to the church. She had already been taught most of the lessons but then fell off the map but now she wants to be baptized so we know how to provide that service. Its really cool cause she just dropped out of nowhere so we are going to do all we can to get her in the water.
We also had our first mutual activity with the 2 young men in our group where we had them invite their friends to come play soccer with a few Americans and we played them and its a good thing that elder callister can play soccer or else it would have been really embracing. well not really its not to hard to beet a few 12 year olds. Ok yeah it is they were really good.
Something happened this week that was sad and well at the same time unexpected and the same time very expected. So this week we were told that the mission pres. 1st councilor was coming down to talk and to teach us but we called him on Saturday and he told us that he wasn't coming so yeah i had the wonderful opportunity to prepare a 20 min talk man was it hard and i hear my talk was a bit long but i made it.
Well thats about it family there were some great miracles this week but no time will tell you next week.
Love Elder Naumann

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