Friday, January 3, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dear Family,

Well this week we had a lot of fun things going on and i was very glad i got a chance to talk to you i always enjoy the time to talk with all of you face to face well sort of face to face it was fun none the less.

This week we met alot with that family and the kid who are going to get baptized soon and they are really progressing well they are so elect its almost scary how elect they are i love it when you think of the lord and his work moving forward in weird and miraculous ways you should think of these people who just eat up the good word and try to live it. Im just grateful the lord has blessed me with the opportunity to serve them and participate in their progression my little bit. 

One little problem came up with the family and their progression getting baptized this week, THE WIFE HAD HER KID, ITS A BOY. So we had planned to get her baptized before the due date but unfortunately we and she didn't make it. I guess it was too much for her to hold it a week but its ok i think they are really progressing so when she comes out again we will teach her and help her towards baptism but until then we will be working with the husband and then hopefully he can baptize her and their son so we will see. 

We had a fun Christmas party this week i was Santa, I gave out lots of candy and presents it was fun and really hard the older kids were stinkers but it was fun to be Santa in another language i think everyone had fun. 

We also sang a lot and we had a nativity scene and that was also fun because the guy we asked to read the story read it like this. first the angel visit and then the wise men and then the birth and then the shepherds and then the angle, lets just say it was interesting kind of a funky way of Reading the story but fun. 

Well not much else happened this week but it was fun and great to see all of you well most of all of you. I love you all and wish you a happy new year. 

Love Elder Naumann

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  1. It's so not humane to see people as aims for the baptism. You're not friends but liars because your whole concept is centered around being a hypocrite to lure people into your cult, I know ya, believe me, and you never care about people in a kind manner, unfortunately.