Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Time, time, time

Dear Family, 

Well this is so crazy you got to stop mentioning about how much time everyone else has and their flight plans, my companion is trunky enough ok he really isnt trunkyIm excited for the skype call this year implanning on having time to call at about 6 or 7 our time i dont know when that is your time but ya know. We are going to have as much time as last time so expect about 15 min of face time...... 

Well this week was fun we spent the most part of it on exchanges and i was with the greenie and man all i can say is that gree people have got to be the most trunky people in the whole world he is great but wow it was like 4 full days of trunk fest. 

We spent some time this week getting some christmas stuff from the outdoor-market we got a christmastree for our church on wednesday and then we had a family night that night and we made decorations and it was way fun and i have to say that for a gheto tree it looks great. 

Do you think you will be in this area for a while? mom to that question i will give a huge i hope so cause i really love it here in yzhorod it is so much fun we are having such success and i love my companion so ya know how that works i probably wont stay cause thats what the lord does he waits until you really love your area and then he helps you love a new area but i hope i stay. 

Mom i know you want my release date but yeah you will have to wait and that is so weird i could swear that i was on my mission when she left for her mission. Its funny to see that everyone is leaving aroundchristmas i hear that is the best time to leave cause an apostle for sure will be there for christmas.

 How is your new family?Did they come to church? the answer is yes they came to church and they are so awesome they have such potental they came to our family night and had a really fun time it was awesome.  How many men do you have in your group now? Any priesthood holders? yeah we have 1 mel. priesthood holder and 2 adult arr. priesthood holders its great and we will soon have 2 boys with the arr. priesthood. 

Well this week we did alot of prep work for the christmas party and the presents that we are getting for the district here. Im glad that im here for christmas, last christmas was great but this one will be just so much better. 

This week we have a zone conference this week and its funny we were told that we were opening our christmaspackages and well i already did so sorry family but it will still be fun im super excited for christmas and we can figure out the rest when the day comes. I think that i have a google + account and i have a skype thing i think so we will see you in a couple of days so love you all.

Elder Naumann 

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