Monday, May 21, 2012

MTC: Week 1

Well i got here wednesday and i have been here one week and it is crazy. you have read some of my letters and yes mom i do love you more than everyone else but not only that i do love everyone else too and maybe i will write you all something too. ok so my companions are from af elder packrus and st george elder nielson and the 2 sisters are sister echols sandy and sister ellwanger she is from isriel but she speaks english and was born in the us. my teachers are brother file and brother higgins oh and sister garrett she is from ukraine. so the language is coming good i can say a prayer and say my testimony. we have already given 4 lessons in ukrainian and they are so hard to give when you can only pray and say your testimony. the classes are long and the freetime/sport time is little we have 50 min a week to play and we usually do four square. lets just say that i rock at dubles four square. the classes are 3 hours and we have 2 of them and then 2 hours of language study so its very long. elder packrus has been sick this whole past week and it has been suckey for him. so we gave him a blessing on saturday and got him proscribed monday and he has been doing alot better. we as a district are very small and we dont really have people to relate to or help us will the language every one is either going to russia or ukraine russian speaking but its all good my companions are already better at the speaking and im better at the rules. ok so if you didnt get all the stuff that i wanted in my letters this is it ok so i want a cheep big ukrainian flag and duct tape and maybe like 1 more shirt i cant really remember the rest but yeah you will get my other letter soon so yeah. the food here is great but all the other missionaries say that it gives you diareah i hope i spelled that right but i havent got it yet but some elders have had it since eastersssssss and lets just say the living quarters smell like guys nasty. im so excited to here where cole is going and chance clinger is coming in today and i hope i get to see him soon.
alright so that was what i did during the week but on sunday i had such a great day we didnt have to work we sat in meetings and we sang ukrainian and we lisened to the mission quardinator he was so awesome the spirit in the meeting was great. we then sat the charicter of christ by david a bednar and some of the other missionaries said that it was life changing and it was it was one of the greatest talks in the world look it up if you can the pure truths that that man knows is awesome. i went to the temple today and i love it going with my companions is awesome 10 more times before i leave. so yeah 12 weeks and i leave july 10th not 11th i think but if i find it diferent i will tell you. well i have to go my time is out but i love you all and i pray for grandma. oh yeah i want everyones address like kyles and i want anyone elses you can think of but i love all of you Dobri dein.
Elder Naumann

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