Monday, May 21, 2012

MTC: Week 2

Well i found out that in the mtc there really is not much to talk about except sundays and tuesdays because the days are all the same we have class we teach investigators and we do more class and 50 min of gym which sucks because i want more. but this sunday wasnt that spectacular it was fast sunday and for some reason i wasnt really hungry we went and sat in a meeting for 2 hours and then like 3 1 hour meetings but i love sunday because it is a break from all the classes and mindless studding that we have to do for hours oon end. Ok so my companion has been sick for like 2 weeks and has had 2 ear infections and a really bad cold and then guess what happened to me spending 24/7 with him i got sick yeah i have had a really bad cold and couldnt talk for the past week but yeah it sucked i couldnt focus in class and all i wanted was sleep and thats the one thing they dont give you in the mtc. it havs been a very humbling experience not being well. This tuesday we got to see one of the 12 apostles d tood cristopherson he was very weird he was a cool guy but i didnt really understand his approch to teaching he would say like a 3 sec. thing and then have one of us say something about a scripture but we did that for 45 min it would never end but before the meeting i prayed that i would recive an answer to a question and it didnt come until after the meeting when we were all talking as a district.
ok that alpacha looks like so much fun i want one when i get home, and i am glad that i wasnt there to clean up the branches i love being here for that. Im glad you are getting stuff done except my room i want it to be a gun room with wepons hanging on the wall and dead animals hanging on the wall. gma i want you to know i pray for you and that i think about you constantly and i want you to know your decision is the right one and know that whatever happens to you god will be with you.
ok so i already have kim and alexis' address but i wanted to know when jason leaves for the mtc i want to know if i will be in here, because i love seeing people i know here i saw chance in here yesterday and i always forget how tall he is but he is doing good. hey i got your package monday and like 5 letters from dear elder it was awesome i love the 3 tie's you got me they are hidious i mean wonderfuly beautiful. ok so i found a water bottle that is like kyles here at the mtc but i dont want to buy it if he has already ordered i so i would like to know soon so i can not be thursty anymore. ok and the other stuff i want is a ukrainian flag and an extra t shirt. ok in one of my next letters home i will send a sd card and an explenation of all the pictures and everyone in them but then i want you to send it back with some good stuff. well i know these letters are short but atleast i write you letters so be greatful i only have 30 min to write on p days but i love you all even the alpacha and erik 4 months thats freaky love Elder Naumann.

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