Monday, July 9, 2012

MTC Week 8: Apostle day for real‏

Ok so this week has gone by really fast and i dont know what to think of it. i literaly have 13 days left until im leaving to ukraine..... how freaky is that and not only that but we celibrated our 2 month mark on the 25th its going by so fast and the language is coming good. We teach investigators like 8 to 10 times in a week and its getting really easy to teach the gospel. before this point we would be studding like 2 hours just to be able to read the words we wanted to say off of a pa[er but now we plan for like 20 min and its usualy spiritual stuff it is really nice, but i know when i get to ukraine that i will probably feel so lost and not be able to speak to anyone and it will be so crazy but im really excited.
Ok so the title this week like i said before was prophet week and it wasnt really but yesterday was apostle day the whole day everyone was antecipating one of the apostles would be there for the evning devotional, we all were waiting in line just so we could see one of them in the same room, dont worry i made it in barely and i had to wait in a line for like 1 hour with 3000 other missionaries in suits it was really hot. so they never anounce the speaker ever but we all knew. It was L Tom Perry again and he talked the whole time about the statictics of the church it was an ok talk and it was cool to see all the #s of the church but it wasnt very inspiring but thats ok because there were 9 other apostles only Packard and oaks i think werent there it was cool and i got a picture i will have to sent it home.
So this week has been a hastle with all the new mission pres. one of the buildings was taken up all week and its the one where we eat so the food lines were so long, some of the comments that came out of it were really funny like, its like disneyland but for a bowl of cereal that was my favorite another was, i feel like im in the great depression also a good one but it hasnt been that bad. so erik dont worry i didnt see your mission pres. do you really think that if i didnt see the prophet i would really look for your mission pres. nope but thats ok i still love you and it seems like its a good thing.
Ok so this week one of the other districts is getting interviewed by someone from new york times yeah cool right out of the whole mtc they chose 1 district and they are right next to us so i want you to look for that when it comes out they speak russion and some of there names are Elder barret, wilding, christionson, and whitimore. the sisters are sister young, kafolace i think and angelo and i forget the other sister but its way cool that they get that oportunity to do that.
Well im the new district leader for the next week and a half and this next week is our last real week and its not going to be a normal week we have the 4th of july coming up and  we have a devotional for that so yeah 3 devotionals next week and i have in field orientaton which should be fun, im going to send home my sd card and i need it back as soon as possible and then i will send my other card home but then i need that as soon as possible.

I got a new pair of scriptures and it has been the funest thing, i never thought that it would be fun to get new scriptures and just study and mark them up but it is the funest thing ever and i look forward to another 2 years where i can do that.
Oh thanks for the packages it was the greatest day all the people in my room and in the rooms around me got a package and so it was package day and the joy was overflowing from our room. i love all of you and i think that i have 2 more times i can write to you in the mtc so look forward to lots of letters and then none for like the next like 2 years but thats ok i love you everyone.
Elder naumann

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