Monday, July 16, 2012

Ukraine Week 1:Львів‏

Well im here in ukraine yeah i know its freaking me out too. well so the flights were all good the seats were cheap but what can you expect. we got into ukraine at about 12 in the afternoon and got all our luggage which was good then we met our mission pres. who is way cool by the way.

 Then he drove us to the temple which is so awesome and right next to the temple so we had some food and then he called you which im sure was weird but yeah he is way cool but then we sat in a room for like 2 hours while we went over stuff then went to the hotel which was way nice except no ac yeah most homes in ukraine dont have ac including our appartments yeah............. but it was good then he told us where we were going which im now in leviv and man this place is beautiful. it has great architecture but its only problem is that no one cares what it looks like so its a bit trashy but its good. so after that day we met our new trainers and mine is named elder olsen he is way cool and we have a lot in common. we took a traine from kiev to leviv which was a night train and it was fun... but then we got in and i saw my new apartment which is 10 stories up and it only has stairs yeah..... and then we ran and its been good to do more excersise i have already lost 12 pounds in like 5 day from not eating and walking and running more. so i get to the area and its kind of dead we have 1 investigator and we are about to drop him so we do a bunch of fun stuff that day but we didnt have any food and we still dont. but it was a fun kind of freaky day with lots of unknowns. the next day saturday we went to go have a lesson with an investigator and have sports day at the church but we got there and they were not there but brat roman was there so we talked to him for a while ( so brat file if you read this.
 i have to tell you something you got to stop telling crazy stories of brat roman he is a member of the branch pres. and a really strong member and he doesnt really like when new missionaries know who he is from his stories that make him sound crazy so if you could stop telling the green book story that would be awesome and i think he would really appreciate it but he is so cool to hang around with)

Ok so after we had sports day which we didnt really have me and my comp. got a call to come teach this guy who is a cousin of a member like at 1 and it was already 12 and we had to take a bus that would take and hour to get out to this guys house. so we got there and called brat molonose who then said that he said to come at 3 so we went to work and waited for him and he never showed up and then we called him and his phone was off and the phones here are weird i will have to tell you about them later. but then we went back to work until about 4:45 and then he called us and said he was here then we drove another 15 min to this guys house and got there and started teaching and this member brat molonose is famous for thinking the missionaries are incompitant so he basicaly just taught the whole lessons but we have a baptism date on the 25 of next month but the lesson was about an hour and 15 min long. to long of a lesson if you ask me or any other missionaries. 

so after that we were out for like until 8:30 at night and we had another meeting with another member which was cool. so alot of the time i understand nothing but thats ok because i try. then came sunday and then we went to church and it was way fun i got to say my testimony in ukrainian which is a language i dont know but it was ok and all of the members are way cool and fun to be around and i already love them.

 we then ate at the zone leaders house and all i want you to know mom is that i eat so much food that i typically dont eat so you should be proud. then we called brat roman and we went over to this bobuskas house and she was cool we got there and said are you hungry and we said no but she brought us out lots of borsh and i have never had borsh and i had just ate and so i tried my hardest to eat it and  i got all the way through and she then brought out tea and it was gross and i drank that too it was hard to do all of that with a full stomach but it was fun.

 we then took lots of pictures and she if funny and then brat roman brought out pictures of old missionaries and i knew some of them from the mtc that was fun. then today we had a good day we went to this park called the sacred grove that had alot of cool huts there and we then ate out and now im here but i love all of you and love hearing from you. oh and mom if you get a call from a random man, dont worry he is just in ukraine for buisness and he is from linden and is a way cool guy but if you dont thats ok too.

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