Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ukraine Week: 8 The End of the Begining‏

So this week is the last one of Erik before he comes home man its making me home sick a little. My companion had the same thing happen to him when he came into Ukraine, but his was only 1 transfer in and mine is one and a little bit but he said when his brother came home his family took and sent lots of pictures and even sent him a video of them waiting in the airport and he said it made him sad but he would have been much more sad if they hadn't so if that were a possibility that would be awesome.( so they just put it on YouTube and put a link to the video so maybe that would work)

Alright on to my week, this week has been fun and kind of hectic. First we have had the most lessons and new investigators i have ever had on my mission 6 new investigators and 15 lessons. Man thats alot of lessons and it was a little overwhelming but i loved it.
At the begining of the week we had another lesson with Mark the guy who aproched me and spoke english. Last time we invited him to read the book of mormon and pray about it and that was good and we also talked about what the great apostacy is and why it happened and he didnt really accept it but then we had another lesson with him on wednesday and we asked him if he read and prayed about the book of mormon and he said he read the whole thing and prayed alot about it and mine and elder olsens jaws droped and he proved to us that he had read the book all the way through. We talked alot about it and he asked us an interesting question about the bible and he said have you all prayed to see if the bible is true and i was like nope i never really thought i needed to. He proceded to say the feeling when he reads the bible and he perfictly described the feeling of the holy ghost and how it works and he said he didnt get that feeling when he read the book of mormon and we were like well we cant answer your question you really need to ask god over and over but he has a hard time understanding about modern prophets but he still wants to meet and we will meet him again this week and i look forward to that. 

We also go to this lady called boba tetiyana and she is really old and i think i told you all about her and that she gives nicknames. So she gives nicknames and i am lucky enough to have 6 nicknames so the first one is Tubby then post wagon then BTR thats my favorite then she called me blondy and then whitey and then because i have been giving her blessings and she has been feeling better she calls me спасител Which meens savior and this woman is kind of crazy and she really thinks i have this magic gift of blessing people with health and she looks at me with such i dont know but its funny and kind of bad she really doesnt have a testimony of the gospel and she just believes in the missionaries and so yeah we are trying to use my savior influance on her to help her get a testimony.

So this week we talked to alot of cool people and one of them happened to be this 85 year old man who looked like he was 60 and was from poland and if all of you remember your history you will remember that yes ww2 happened at that time and yes he was in concentration camps all his life and got liberated at age 16 by americans and then became an American citizen and spoke perfict english and was rather funny and kind of crazy but aperently he wrote books and made movies about his life i will send you some info so you can all see this guys life and stuff and tell me about it im really interested to know what his life was.

Also this week i know i have told you about the sign thing for the street and how we were working on it and so yeah we finaly got it done and printed out and it looks good we went out one night and saw peoples reactions to it and it was good and bad we saw what would work and what wouldnt so yeah its good but some fruits come out of it some people showed up to sacrament and said that when she saw us speaking ukrainian she was so impressed and so she came to church with her son and yeah it was cool 2 new investigators fun stuff the lord blesses you in ways that you dont see right away but its amazing if your obedient and do the things you should it always comes out right. 

Ok also this week i realized something. I want more music, i want like the sound track of mr. magoriums wonder implorium and disney and yes all of those things are aloud and kyle i need to get your passward to i tunes cause i cant update my scriptures and i movie and i have made some really funny stuff i will have to show you. Mom also i want some recipes from home i looked at all of my recipes and half of them are cut off and not from scrach and i need some that would not need like a cake mixture to make them all from scrach and also it would be better if you could get them for making them for 2 people that would be awesome like put them in an e mail and i can print them out oh and some other stuff we dont have peanut butter and brown sugar so if that is needed dont send the recipes and also anything that needs like canned soup... yeah we dont have any of those either so keep it super simple.

So to answer if i did go visit that referral family from the rogers, the answer is yes and they were great i really only met the mom and really no one else and she was way glad we came and i saw lots of the other family members and they were all really cool people funny and nice people and we talked for a while and she said to us right at the begining that she knows why we are here and that it would be really hard to convince her and yeah that was disapointing but we gave her the letter and before we left we asked if we could leave the book of mormon and she said she still had spencers from way back when and that was cool i asked if i could see it and she couldnt find it but that was cool. I didnt really get a chance to ask why the rogers were in ukraine so maybe sister rogers you can tell me in an e mail. Also sister rogers what is your skype address i think oksan already knows it but yeah just in case and also be ready for a skype call with her within the next 2 weeks. 

And i dont know if it would be against the rules for me to be there while it happens and accedentaly see my brother who is going to be home in 1 week but i dont even know if you will all be home so whatever so yeah......... and also some of these pictures are attempts at sister tylers rolls and mom i want the really recipe the one with lots of fat and butter.

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