Monday, September 17, 2012

Ukraine Week 10:Zone Conference

Well this week sounds like it was a fun week for everyone and i also had a really good week full of ups and downs. Utimately it was a good week and it was eventful.
So first off this last monday was way fun but kind of lonley. Me and my companion found a place we could go to play racket ball or so we thought and so we invited all of our district to come and play with us and have a good time but everyone bailed and so elder Olsen and i went and found out that it was not racket ball but squash and so we decided to play it cause how hard could it be right its just like racket ball right.... WRONGO... so we got in the cort to start playing and we find out that the ball doesnt bounce it didnt bounce and we kind of freaked out and were just like man how do we play this game. We started playing thought the way that we thought the rules were and it was way fun i won one and he won the other and we loved it and will go back again soon.
Also this week was zone conferance where the mission pres. comes down and teaches us and helps us in our work as missionaries so that was way good he taught about the plan of salvation and went into crazy detail and our minds were scrambled but we all loved it, it was very insightfull but he told us to not tell our families anything about it cause it could make him sound crazy, so lets just say it was good and at the age of 48 ( 1 year exsactly younger than dad same birthday and everything) we all think that he has high potential to be a general authority and yeah good stuff there. In the middle of zone conferance we had lunch and we talked to the tex mex owner to see if he would cator us and he did and everyone freaked out cause it was real american food and even pres. loved it and told us for next time to get the same place to cator. We also then talked alot about our purpose and it was way interesting the things he wants us to do so yeah we are excited to use them and glad to get the insperation from our mission pres.
Also that day of zone conference we had a baptism from the other elders and this guy is so cool and so elect its crazy. So he is in the army in ukraine, he has already writen a book, he form that book got married to an american woman, he also is applying to byu idaho and we think for sure he will get in, he speaks better english than any ukrainian i know and yeah he is just super cool and we all love him he is 24 and is so intelegent and fun to be around we have already gone and hung out with him twice and we love it. Maybe when i get home and he is still in byu idaho i can go visit him and hang out and speak ukrainian.
This week cause of zone conferance we did exchanges with the zone leaders and the assistance and that was way fun im really good friends with all of them and we just plowed the city ok not really but it was still fun and on the last day we went to this book fair and i bought some really cool big books, dictionaries and they are so cool and i will send you a picture of them today and man i love them. I also sending a package home soon so be expecting that. Also there are some thing that i want if you are going to send me a package ever, 1. i want one of those soda makers we have but one of the small ones i have seen them before but yeah if its to expencive dont send it but if its not to expencive send me it with only rootbeer packeges we have like everything else here but rootbeer. oh and if you cant just send rootbeer extract 2. there is no such thing as brown sugar here so i want some of that 3. peanut butter that doesnt exsist here either 4. also vanila and maple surup extrace if you could. 5. mac and cheese packets not the actual noodles but just the cheese packets cause we have noodles but the cheese is just not the same( i remember kyle asking for this stuff too ) yeah thats it i mean for now that i can remember if i can remember anything i will tell you dont wory.
Also yesterday i went to sister rogers referal family and that was way fun we went there and gave her the letter again cause aperantly her youngest riped up the last one and that was sad but we went there and their oldest daughter was there with here friends 2 guys and 1 girl so it was fun they are all our age and it was wierd to be with people our age and not only talking about the gosple and all their english was amazing but we only spoke in ukrainian so it was still good they also made cheese cake and that was weird here in ukraine but yeah we invited them to english and they said they would come so yeah but it was a fun night and hopefuly we will go back again and see them.
Well sad that byu lost and yeah good that you all had fun at the river house thank you mom for the food stuff and yeah hope to see pictures of erik and maybe a video soon :)

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