Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ukraine week 11:No coat.... Really cold‏

First thankyou mom for all the work you are doing for me on the recipes so yeah we have some good stuff here just nothing like soup or cake mixes so yeah just that stuff oh and brown sugar so yeah no cookies or peanut butter so none of that. 
Oh and kyle so i really need your account passward for your apple accout so i can update the apps that i got from you 

Ok well this week has been a fun one. We have not really done much but work with our one investigator who is going to be baptized at the end of this week with his mom so yeah he has some problems but i think that he truly wants to repent and be baptized but we dont know if it will happen for him here he might go back to cherkasy but his mom will totally be getting baptized at the end of the week so that will be good.

Yeah so this week it started off warm and then one day it was rainy and really cold and apperently it doesnt end untill march or april of next year yeah and i still dont have a coat... So obviously i went shopping for a coat this week cause i have been cold cause we arent aloud to wear sweaters without a suit coat and i dont want to wreck my coat and so yeah it has been cold. We have lots of places to buy stuff here but one of our members here owns a coat store and so we went over to the renick that he works at and find out that he sells leather coats and big ones at that. All natural giant heavy coats and i liked them alot but as a missionary it was kind of outragious, i looked like a member of the mafia and it was cool actually very warm. So i didnt get it and so i looked around the rest of the renok and saw some good coats they all were about 1000 griven which is about 100$ so that wasnt bad prices even the real leather was 900 griven. Needless to say i dont have a coat yet im going to buy one today for sure cause its only going to get colder and i will probably die.

Well this week has been fun with some new investigators ones name is Hleb he speaks english we talked alot about traditions of the church and the members and our beliefs as members of the church and we have another lesson with him today and i really like him he is cool. Another one is named ivan and he works in this parking lot as a guard and he sees is walk by everyday and he wanted to have something to read and so we gave him some stuff and we invited him to be baptized and he always says i have been baptized and we explain it over and over again and he just doesnt get it but its ok we will work with him.

We also have this guy named mikola and he is cool he also stoped us on the street and wanted to get a book of mormon and he said could you come to my home so we said yes of coarse and it was cool we went over a while ago and they fed us and gave us really good tea( which by the way i love tea now) so yeah but all the questions he asked were Jehovah's witnesses questions and it turns out he isnt a Jahovahs witness but they have taught him before and believes all the things that he is told from them and yeah. This time he had some really funny questions off the internet, the title of which was The church of Joseph Smith today..... So yeah i think you know where that took us it was fun though they are really nice always feed us and are very hospitable and fun to be around, they just need to stop arguing and listen for 1 second cause when they do they will know so much more then the bible can teach.

Also at the beginning of this week i taught a family home evening at the church with the ward like some of the people who dont really have families. I did it on the book of mormon because as a branch we are reading it in 100 days and im already way ahead but its good for the branch to do that. I taught about the vision of lehi and how it is almost the same as the vision of joseph smith and that was a cool way for people to see it. I really have never thought about the vision like that as a pattern set by the lord to teach us how prophets are called and how they gain revilation from the lord.

We did lots of other things this week but i cant really remember them so they probably arent very important. so yeah Josie your teeth look really good and i really like the shirt too and i hope you are all doing good oh and erik your a bum thanks for writing me JK i still love you but seriously white me something about your mission everyone else gets your cool stories and i get left out and when i come home you wont remember the deatails and will only want me to tell you stories... I love you all and be good.

 Love Elder Naumann...

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