Monday, January 7, 2013

Ukraine week 26: ChristmasX2

Well today is Christmas again here in Ukraine and this last week was full of lots of firework nights and drunk people and just fun adventures that i didn't die for fortunately.

So this week we started out with Monday and Monday as you all know was the 31 and you know what that means yeah drunk people and fireworks so we had a rule that we couldn't be out past 5 so that made life safer so we got our emailing done and shopping and then we went right home and we made a really nice meal with ham and potato's and soda and cookies and lots of junk food and it was really good i glassed the ham with brown sugar and it was soooooo good. Then we studied the rest of the night so that was a fun night but then at 4 in the morning and not at 12 there were huge explosions and here in Ukraine there aren't illegal fireworks so yeah there are always some explosions happening especially in the park on the frozen lake so yeah fun stuff. 

Then Tuesday we steeped out side our house and it was literally a zombie Apocalypse and it was freaky so we were walking for 8 min before we saw a car or a person so we really thought everyone had died and we realized that getting to kiev would take like an extra 30 min. We found out that Ukrainians celebrate New Years like we celebrate Christmas and this is the day that their Santa comes and that really explains lots of things because i always wondered how Santa got out to all the children in one night but he doesn't he just waits a week for Russia and Ukraine and who knows about other countries.  After district meeting in Kiev we were heading home and decided that we wanted to grab some domino's and so we did and there was a 2 for 1 sale so it only cost 89hrn to get 2 pizzas and they were really good. 

Then the next day without planning to go into kiev we were called and told to come into Kiev and grab my equivalent of my passport so we did that and just to celebrate the week we grabbed some KFC and it was really good and really busy and there were some obese Americans there so i felt like i was home again but yeah then back home and had English and a meeting with our investigator alex and taught the plan of salvation and he is really cool and wants to be a samurai and i think that's cool and we play ping pong with him and so he is well on his way.

Then the next day we had the opportunity to go visit our branch pres. and he is really cool he translates for the church and so he has perfect English and has a fun family and has been branch pres. here since his mission here for like 11 years so yeah he is cool and then the next day we got invited to go over to our mcm's house and have vereniky and that taisted really good and he is way cool too has a fun family and just works from home online and makes good money and just is way too cool for his own good so we like him. 

Saturday we had a little exchange so that elder vernon could go to our branch activity and also so that i could carry the missionary choir at out stake play and so that was way fun and really helpful for elder vernon because we had someone who served here help him here and tell him lots of good stuff about brovary.

So dad i want to say something about the so called rumors they are both true well at least the latter i think you guys told me the first rummer so yeah the one about going to china that is happening. So what it is is you open your call and it says you got called to(call this #) 
and then you get to talk to the prophet or councilors and they tell you that you are serving a 3 year mission and the first year you will be learning the language of china in a different mission and then the next 2 years you will be in china so yeah elder Vernon's friend had that happen to him so thats way crazy right. 

Mom if it were me i would have the part time job and have time at home because i think that is where you are needed but thats my opinion and OK why didn't anyone send me the mailing address of alexis i need it soon OK and some advise on my broken camera screen too. 

Well That's all forks 

Elder Naumann 

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