Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ukraine week 28: wet dogs

Well this week was an interesting and wet one so something that might surprise you all is that yes it has been wet but not the wet that comes from snow. This week it decided to rain and as you all can imagine when you have roads covered in ice and then it rains and then the night gets to -2C we have some pretty slippery walks. I have gained some experiences with walking on ice so I dont fall and now that imgetting my camera fixed I dont have to worry about it being crushed even worse. 

This week sounded fun for everyone with Snow camp out and no mono and Drama for macey and macey I agree with mom get a job and get some money for new york because that trip will be way worth it, I was always jealous of the drama kids for that one. I assume for kyle and Erik they are still alive and doing well. So mom yes there is a stake choir and apparently it is really awful so yeah, In lviv we thought about starting a choir but the choir director was inactive so we never did it. We did good with the missionary choir but the whole program was like 30 min and we spent like 4 hours practicing so I dont know if the time was worth it but it was still fun.

Something that me and my companion figured out this week was that for 1 month we haven't been dogged once so that was cool but yeah this week we got dogged, sad I know. 

So basically this week we didnt meet with all the investigators that are on our list because they, for the most part aren't progressing so we will visit them maybe once or twice a month to encourage them. So this week we spent alot of time in a village called Velika Dimerka

We started our time there with a meeting with this active family out there named the Clark's and yes this is the same brother Clark from America and the one who does bum bum bum and by the way we did that same song for priesthood and he did the same bum bum bumming that he did the first time. 

So the adventure of that day started with us taking a bus 709 and we have taken it before so we thought we knew what we were doing             (wrongo) so it turns out that if you take the 709 with dimerka on it, then it will take you to a different end of the village and the other one is called the 709 zoria and that is the one that we needed to take so yeah. Long story short we ended up calling them and they came and picked us up in their 90 year old car. 

We had lunch with them and then headed out to go to this less active/investigator family that lives in the same village so we got on the right bus thankfully and got off. We showed up and they were eating with a random guy that we had never met before and he was way interested in our message but didnt really get why the book of mormon was important. His name and the name of like all the investigators that we have found while here are all the same but they have different nick names so that helps us. 

So yeah we got dogged  this week 4 times and then yesterday our one investigator that said he would come to church gave me a call 5 min into sacrament and so I thought that he was going to dog us too but then he showed up and it was awesome his name is alex c ( Temple role) and so we had a really good lesson after sacrament about tea and the only reason he drinks tea is because he wants to be a samurai and they drink tea at his training school but he committed to try to drink herbal tea and fruit tea so hopefully he does that because I really like him. 

Then yesterday we went back out to that village and met with our less active investigator family and the whole family was there for a change and they were really argumentative and they couldn't get over black people and why they are black and I was like are you kidding me really? So that was a hard lesson with a lack of the spirit but we will work with that. 

Im glad to hear that grandma is doing well and thats crazy that our ward might be splitting. Why dont we just become a stake because the whole stake here consists of as many active members are in our ward and here so yeah mini stake. 

Well I love you all, have a good week I know i will.

Elder Naumann

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