Friday, January 4, 2013

Ukraine Week 25: A new year and a final goodbye

Dear Family and anyone else who is reading this 

    So this week has been a fun one we started out on Monday and we didn't have p day on Monday because our pres. switched it to the 25th like you all already know but so on Monday we went out to this ladies house who is an investigator and she has been taught everything and she even had a baptismal date until the missionaries told her that she needed to come to church every week then she drooped it but she lives all the principals including tithing and she pays a lot of it, but she is just a little crazy and doesn't think that church is important so we will try to help her. 

Also on Monday all the Sr.. couples made us breakfast and it was really good the Sr. couples don't spare any expense to make us happy and full and i got to see my companion from the MTC elder Pockrus and that was cool cause he just got made district leader and that's crazy cause he is the jr. companion so that was cool to see him and we all brought small gifts and played the left/right game and that was interesting cause everyone just brought random leftover trash from their apts. and so i got some silly putty that was hard but it was fun to have that reminder of home. But to get into Kiev we hitch hiked and that was fun for us. 

Then Christmas came and i saw all of you and that was really fun for me but i see why they don't have us do that even though it takes less time to  Skype family than it does to email and read emails but that's ok because you get his with this huge trunk wave that makes you miss home but then you remember why you are here and everything is ok.

So being here in Bovary is fun and hard and interesting and just all around crazy. So first my companion he is a cool kid is 6 ft 4 and skinny as a twig and he is studying to become a physicist if i spelled that right and he is going to BYU and he is a real book worm, he cant understand a thing anyone says so i have to take the lead. He doesn't learn very fast from the street he reads and learns vocab but he is also a bit stubborn and he doesn't take advice on language very well. but i will still offer it. He is very gung hoe cause he just came from a place which has the most baptisms for the whole mission so yeah he was a bit shocked when we went contacting and no one wanted to talk to us and i felt normal so i hope i don't crush his dreams and faith. He loves scifi and is really into space time and he is really picky like as picky as me but ever since i got to Ukraine i just eat everything but it was interesting to see peakiness on the other side, its a bit weird and kind of embarrassing so i want to say sorry for whoever i embarrassed by being picky around you and i will be better. 

So the new area is great really small and basically a ghetto of Kiev and so yeah our branch is really awesome and i love the members they rock our mcl is so on the ball with missionary work and this return missionary who just got back like 2 weeks ago just got called as the second councilor and so yeah everyone is on the ball. Actually the last missionary here who got white washed had it happen at the same age on his mission too and was also sr. comp so apparently this branch and area do well with white washing. We have about 10 investigators and 3 progressing and we are just trying to get to know them and figure out their needs so we can teach them but its hard around the holidays no one wants to meet so that has been a fun experience. 

So mom some names are Ivan, Alex and kazamear. and i do have something for you as far as the job i would say take it but i know how much i loved having you around the house even though i may not have always shown it i really do appresiate the times when i needed help you were there. And you don't want to be called what grandmas are called her they are bobs, bobushki, and boba but do what you want and all those names mean old woman so yeah. And as far as packages go, i still have some peanut butter but always sent peanut butter and jelly, like the grape kind because they don't sell that stuff here and then brown sugar always but all i would be grateful but not really needed but I am always willing to take anything.

I need some advice from you too, so because of the ice and lack of cleats i have fallen many many times and on one of the falls unfortunately my camera broke i mean it still takes pictures and stuff but the led screen is broken so i was thinking to try to find a place to fix it here and hope they don't mess my camera up of i could buy a new one here for like 150$ and sent my camera home to get fixed in my next package but i don't know how much it will cost there and here and i can buy a new one and just keep this one for a the rest of my mission if its all too expensive but i need some advice so help please. 

Well yeah this next week we have this performance as a missionary choir for the stake and none of the elders except me and this elder Waters can sing so that is always fun because everyone always follows me so when i mess up a little and come back everyone else is way way off and its really hard cause no one has respect enough to sing and listen and to not sit there and talk, not even the zone leaders, they were the worst ones they just couldn't stop talking during our rehearsal. so once again anyone who i was disrespectful to as a choir teacher or director of sorts I am sorry i was dumb forgive me.  But it will be fun and I am looking forward to it. 

Well tonight we have to be in doors at 5 and so we are going to make us some really nice ham and glaze it with brown sugar and stuff like that and we will have a party but unfortunately we have to go out tomorrow and have a regular day when everyone is going to be drunk so i bought some knifes and yeah if this is my last letter because i died in a drunk driving accident tomorrow on our way to Kiev i love you all and Alexis good luck you will do great but family keep up the fight and serve and love and don't forget me never forget................................ No one forgets and no one is forgotten 

Elder Naumann The final entry 

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