Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 36:The Last Temple

Dear Family, 

Well this week has been a good one with Transfers and Temple and Interviews with President and No sickness well on my part, that's good right.

So first this week we have been getting stuff ready for transfers cause we didn't know weather we would be getting white washed or what cause new mission and all. As we started this week we had the prospects of going on exchanges and I was stoked cause the guy I was going to be with is going home in a week. That didn't happen.

English was good this week or I should say the first one on Tuesday but we weren't able to be here on Thursday so who knows what happened on Thursday.

On Wednesday we went on exchanges but not with the guy I wanted to be with, But with our zone leader in our area, cause lets just say a sick week full of 0's and a space heady district leader gets you a rescue trip from the zone leaders so yeah that was fun. Me and elder Christensen went together out to a lesson which went well but the man who we were meeting doesn't want to stop drinking and his wife begs him but he doesn't change so its really hard to help someone who doesn't want help. We also went to the only less active members we have met with ever and they have some mental issues so they don't really understand why they need to come to church but that was fun.

Thursday came and we were planning the whole day to be in Kiev but we started out being together at the church with the district leader and the zone leader and they left but brought back a former investigator ( we didn't know ) He was quiet and had read the book of Mormon so that was cool and then we found out on Saturday that he was this crazy guy who calls us all the time saying he is on the walk.... in really bad English so yeah. We taught him the first lesson and then we left to Kiev to have interviews with president and those were great he is awesome but took us 2 hours to get there and then we went to the temple for maybe our last time cause it wont be in the mission so that was a really good trip with 4 total hours of travel.

Saturday we got dogged twice but that wasn't the best part. We met with a man named stepan and we met him a month ago and he was way way cool like a 60 year old man always in a nice suit and with a cool hair dew and we met for another 2 hours and it was awesome he is so elect but really busy so cant meet for another 2 weeks but that was a really good thing cause I think he has potential.

Well the rest of the week was boring except the transfer info which was really uneventful cause we are staying and that's really rare to be 3 transfers with one comp. but not really cause this next transfer is only 4 weeks and that group is huge and then the next group after that has a huge group leaving and a huge one coming in and the missions will be fake splitting so that's crazy. 

I didn't get your package yet but maybe this next week cause we went in on Thursday and it wasn't there but mail gets in on Saturday so maybe on Tuesday i will get it. Oh something I also forgot to thank for is the pen kyle its the best thing I have I love it thanks.

Well I'm glad everything is warm there cause its still cold and I'm glad Josie got in advanced woman's choir and happy birthday Josie you are sooooo old crazy. get better dad and I'm glad to hear everything is well. 

Love Elder Naumann

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