Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ukraine Week 34: sickness

Well I'm really sad to hear about the news of Lori and her grandson and I feel that those kind of experiences are really hard and I'm praying for Lori cause all things are for a reason and it may be hard, but we need to remember that the lord doesn't forget about any of his sheep and he is taking care of all, especially the lost ones. 

This Sunday I had to describe the prodigal son and it was interesting to do it in Ukrainian but I remember the savior describing to the Pharisees on who the man who forgives debts loves more and the one who has the most forgiven. This life isn't the end there is a chance for all of us to make it home I know it.

So like I told you last week we went and visited this family in a village and the husband was sick and we spent like 2 hours at their house and you guessed it that was enough to kill us both.

Last Sunday Elder Vernon was sick and then Monday and then Tuesday and so well we didn't do much but I let him rest and did some home business like phone calls and organizing and that was good because then Wednesday he wasn't too sick but like usual with two people living/ doing everything together, I got sick so on Wednesday we worked on this English project at the church so we didn't have to do much and then off to a fun member who's granddaughter looks like an actress from the walking dead so that was funny and we gave them an ax also fun an funny story well really only to missionaries so I wont tell it but lets just say missionaries had it in a different area.

So then Thursday came and I was really sick and Elder Vernon was sick again too so that was poopyand so we stayed in until English and English only had our member there so we watched the ces devotional in English and he didn't understand much.

Then Friday and Saturday was basically all inside cause I got really sick and being sick and having chocolate and candy from America doesn't make you a skinny person so lets just say kyle all the candy is gone but that's OK that's what its for right so yeah thanks for that again kyle. 

Really the only highlight from this week was District meeting where the whole district surprised me and made me a cookie and brownies and that was funny cause I brought brownies too cause this other elder had his birthday on Saturday and so we had lots of food. But it was really nice everyone remembered and I got some phone calls from other missionaries wishing me a happy birthday but yeah good stuff.

Oh something else cool was we had this genealogy activity at the church and I was surprised on how many people showed up, like 25 and I was expecting like 5 or maybe 10 but it was cool and we had food and we talked about how barley they have gotten the websites in Russian and if any of you remember PAF, yeah they all still had that so they are just sort of in the stone age but they are getting better and so that was fun. 

Mom don't make fun of us boys we like sticks OK and when we spend like 10 hours cutting them we need to do something productive with them.... And that's way cool you get to come to Europe, do you want to visit me. I recommend not to do that Ukraine isn't that exciting do something like go to Germany and cool European countries like that.

OK I know I look Like I'm swimming but that's OK because I'm a really good swimmer and its not hard to walk around all the time and swim. Yes getting my stuff tailored is an option but I don't know where here in Bovary I knew of like 20 places in lviv to have it done and I hear that its like 2$ to get a suit done so maybe sometime soon. 

Well i love you all and I know the lord is watching over you while I'm gone so know that zombies cant get to you because the lord will wait until i can save you all. 

Elder Naumann

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