Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ukraine week 37: Snow day

Dear Family

So I don't know why this was sent on maceys email but I'm going to sent it to her back and you too mom because who knows what happened.
I'm glad the chickens are Finlay laying and just in time for Easter. Q. Do brown eggs make good Easter eggs I know green ones do but what about brown ones.

Well this week was going to be a regular week with some hick ups here and here cause of transfers but everything basically went out the window. 
So Monday was good we went over to this older Lady's house and her grand daughter lives with here they are both really strong members and really nice and Anton the return missionary was there too fixing their wifi so we all had a really good lesson together.

Then Tuesday came around and we had planned to go into Kiev to have district meeting and yeah got a text at 6:30 in the morning telling us that it would happen latter that week so we didn't know what to do so we winged it. Also something cool this week is I finished the old testament finally. I started about 4 transfers ago and haven't read very consistently until these last 2 transfers and man sometimes the old testament is boring and then great it just depends on the book. We also as a mission are starting to read the book of Mormon 8 pages a day so that will be good but its sort of stinky cause i wanted to read the new testament, and finish Jesus the Christ together but that will have to wait.

Then Wednesday we found out that our district leader is getting a short term missionary who is native and so that is cool andwe had a lesson with one of our investigators and he was drunk and told us he didn't want to change so that was really sad but life is ours to choose what to do with it. If only he knew who bought us and how easy it is to take advantage of his gift.

Then Thursday we finally had district meeting and the weather was awesome like +10 C so that was awesome but for some reason we keep having false springs and elder Vernon said that we would have a blizzard soon as a joke but he would have held his tong if he knew what was about to happen.

FRIDAY!!!!!!!  the blizzard hit and it hit hard so we started out with contacting to the church in the snow and everyone refused us cause it was really cold. We then got dogged and then weekly planned and then back out into the blizzard and by that time the snow was up 2 feet and we had to get back to the church so we took the long way to get there safe. We got to  our meeting at the church and shoveled the way and the wind was blowing hard and then elder Vernon thought it would be fun to walk through the blizzard in the park and yeah so we did and by that time the snow was 3 to 4 feet deep in some places and so in our nice pants we walked through the blizzard and that was way fun.

Saturday we had a cool day with missionaries planned with the stake in Kiev and with the young men and we got outside and there was like 4 to 5 feet of snow all over everywhere and no snow plows just tractors so they are slower so we tried to hitch hike there but no one was driving so we told the elders there that we couldn't go, and it was OK because only 2 young men showed up so we decided to shovel people out of the snow and that was fun.

We found this little old lady shoveling some snow at this apt. building with a wooden shovel and so we helped her and then out of nowhere like 10 other guys caught our service bug and so we cleared the whole parking lot place and that was fun the guys there were funny and one guy once he found out that we were from our Church he knuckle bumped me and did in the name of Christ and that was weird but funny.

Then Sunday came and we had branch conference and no one came cause the snow was still really bad but we were there and shoveled the whole parking lot again and then we cut church short cause the plan fell through having stake people come because of the weather so we came home had lunch and my back really started hurting so I put on my back brace and took it easy the rest of the day and now I'm much better.

So that was my week full of cataclysmic snow storm it was fun

Love Elder Naumann

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