Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rainy days are here again

Dear Family 

Well since mom didn't write me Im going to assume that Roan is the new favorite not me..... Ok so this week has been crazy fun and crazy wet we had a surprise visit from a 70 and other things like that. 

Monday we had a rather normal p day with shopping and eating and watching elder nielson paint something at the cafe we were at and other things like that. We also went over to this members house, Masha is her name she just got back from the mission and invited us all over for a birthday get together. She served in Russia and is sad and happy she is home. 

Tuesday we had a sporadic day with weekly planning in the middle and yeah normally our weekly planning is on Fridaybut we didn't have time to finish ours this last week so we had to do it on Tuesday. So we planned our week and its funny this situation always happens during transfers, all the investigators stop answering the phone and they drop off the map so yeah that has happened here, but we are still working and having a good time. We also had English practice at the church at 7 and there were way more people there than i remember. After English we had a lesson with a recent convert named Ihor and It was good we talked about priesthood and how he will  soon get the aaronicpriesthood and he is way cool and super humble and loves us its great.

Wednesday was also fun and full of walking apparently thats all my companion did while he has been lviv is walk no bus's no tram vi no nothing so we will probably do a 50/50 thing. We had some passport business we had to take care of. So in case any of you are wondering when we need to leave an area we have to do registration and when we get in to a new area we need to do registration so its sort of a hassle and so we had to pass 2 peoples passports by train and righteous exchange... If any of you know what that means. Then we walked to some members to drop off some sweets because we are all trying to become better friends with the members here so we are doing a little member program. 

Thursday we really didn't do anything we went out to lunch with the branch president and had English at night which was good and again a lesson with ihor on reading the scriptures and praying daily and it was good he struggles with reading and its sad because he has no job so we dont know what he does all day. 

Friday so we and by we i mean my companion and I are assigned to go out to a small city near by with a few members and all but 2 are inactive so we are in charge of that so Friday we went out to chervonograd a small (well small like the size of brovary) town an hour and a half from lviv by bus and the worst road you could ever imagine. We got our there and we aren't aloud to proselyte so we just went and visited the members and no one was home and then walked around the town looking for somewhere to eat. We then came home and had Missionary meeting with the less active leader who isn't less active anymore. 

Saturday we had a surprise visit from a 70 Elder Senkins he is from the 3rd quorum and he has been a 70 for 8 years and is from Latvia and is way cool he actually translated the book of Mormon into Latvian and so yeah we found out about it on Tuesday so no one knew about it so we called everyone so that was fun and yeah we also as a branch watched priesthood session. But with elder senkins he spoke Russian and gave a little talk/ fireside thing and about 25 people were there and he was way cool he taught us a formula for finding truth and it was awesome. 

Sunday me and my companion were assigned 70 pick up duty and it was cool he is a way awesome guy and his family is way cool too. We had church and i had to give a lesson in Gospel principles and it went well we had a really good discussion on spiritual gifts. oh and brother Becker was there but his family wasn't he is back for a few weeks and then out again. We also had a lesson with the patrichko family and they are way awesome they have 2 sons and another on the way and i would say they are one of the strongest members in the branch. 

Fail of the week was after their lesson we walked together to our bus stop and they said take the 18 and so we sat and sat and sat and about an hour later we still were there but we were late home so we had to take a taxi which was way dumb but funny too.

Happy birthday kyle dad tells me your all grown up now you even have a kid too. Im glad to hear that everything that i have done for the last 10 years is now recorded my the NSA that's funny stuff. Well have fun everyone and mom try not to spoil roan too much. 

Love Elder Naumann

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