Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ukraine Week 48: The End of the Kiev Mission

Dear Family,

Well I think I will start with your questions this week.
What are the summer like in Ukraine? Then are really hot and it stinks being inside and out because there are no air conditioners but thats whatever. 

 Who is your favorite person to teach right now? Well we dont have a very big pool of investigators so I would say Ihor he is a new member and  I like him alot he is really humble and wants to learn.

 Is your companion gaining the weight that you are losing? No my companion cant gain weight he has actually lost some because this last week he was sick. 

 When will you get to meet the new mission president? In about a week he gets into kiev on the 1st and then down here on the 3rd so thats exciting. 

Something else cool this whole new announcement of the missionaries becoming more tech friendly is that this last few week we just had our ipods and ipads and tablets banned from use but with this whole new thing it will be interesting and also the fact that we will be on facebook and stuff like that where our families will be so that will be really interesting how they handle that. 

Second, Erik you have a girl friend how come every time you get a girlfriend i hear from mom and dad first I mean come on its not that hard to write me and now i will be on facebook for 1 hour a day so you will have to hit me up.... Ok not really. 

So like the title of the email says it is the end of the kiev mission as it now stands and its sort of sad, I really liked going into kiev and seeing the big city, now we just come to lviv where its big but nothing like kiev. 

So earlier this last week we had exchanges and it was way fun I was with elder sweeten is his name and well we contacted all day.... all day and it wasn't cool earthier actually it was like 28 deg C. We walked around all day and had a fun time we had some really good conversations and the one that sticks out to me most is the one with a girl named katya she is about 23 and he when she was 17 lived in Oregon with a mormon family and basically got converted there but something happened and she wasnt baptized so the sisters are now working with her. 

We then in the middle of the week went to chervonograd and stayed over for the night and played football and it was way fun and super effective we now have a few people to work with when we get out there this week  and who knows what will happen but I have faith that we can have it grow big time.

Then the main part of our week was getting ready and having our last zone conference with president klebingat and it was way sad to have to say goodbye but then i thought oh  wait i will see you tomorrow at church. the zone conference was way awesome he didn't really council us on finding and learning and stuff like this but more applying after the mission.

He gave us his farewell speech that every boy needs to know before becoming a man and it was way awesome the things in it were very applicable for life outside of the mission. Well Not much else happened this week everyone but it was a good week with sad moments, Said goodbye and now in 1 week we will be on a different mission.
Love Elder Naumann

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