Sunday, June 9, 2013

uncle naumann in lviv

Dear Family 

Hey Im an uncle and I didnt get any pictures um yeah whats up with that kyle and mom Im letting Katie off the hook because she just had a kid Named Roan thanks mom for telling me how to pronounce it because I thought it was RoAn ya know, and kyle and katie I have a question where did you get that name and not the middle one because I know where that came from, I like it I have just never ever seen it before now. 

So as you heard this last week im back in lviv yeah lviv Im home again. With elder jolstead He is really tall, has 11 kids in his family and is half my age ( Missionwise ) He is from washington and is cool quiet but cool and im not in the apt. I was in earlier but its ok because Its better and much closer to the church than any of my other areas. 

Ok so for some reason I just got the pictures of Roan so just forget my first few words at the beginning. so this week was very hectic and full of running around but I remember when I use to get stressed over transfers and now its not even a big deal I have found that I can really get along with anyone and that where ever I am I will love the people and the area no matter how long that takes =)

So Monday wasnt really anything we basicaly got ready for the new elder, Elder Taylor to come in so we cleaned and did some area book work and it was raining yeah. Then on Tuesday we had a really fun day. 

We held district meeting in the atic of the church and lets just say that there was a scuba tank involved. We had a really fun time we had brownies and it was probably the best district meeting I have ever had with elder walder as district leader. We also had our last english there in vinistya, it was way good there were like 30 people and we talked to everyone afterward and played ping pong at the end with some of the young women in our branch that was fun, I got some really good pictures of me playing. 

Wednesday, Well I packed all day and just got everything ready for leaving that night and it took a while, my bags weigh like 80lb each and coming into the country they only weighed 50 so somewhere i picked up another suitcase full of stuff and mannaged to fit it into my 2. So this transfer was huge we lost like 25 people it was crazy and we got in like 20 in and all but 3 were sisters crazy right. 
So our train got into vinnistya at 9:56 and left at 10 so yeah we were rushing to get 5 elders worth of luggage onto the train and with the help of a body builder investigator who came to say goodbye we made it and it was a way fun train ride we talked for 3 hours and then got into kiev and took a taxi and then got into the elders apt. which we were sleeping and elder callister got to sleep in the same bed yeah and he bought me new ties and they are so cool.

Thursday was an interesting day we woke up at 6:30 and we only got in at 3:30 so yeah not much sleep and it was sad because it was our last time in kiev. I met up with elder nielson my companion from the MTC because he and I are in lviv and so are our new companions. So we did alot of stuff while we were in kiev like look at the temple and a bunch of people who lived in the areas i have served in were there and so I said Hi and bye and it was nice. 

The most eventful thing that happened what eating domines so we were in the office next to the temple and we wanted pizza so we asked some elders who had served in that are to tell us how to get there and so we left and on the way we met this member from washington and he is there doing an inturnship. ok so long story short we get lost and it takes ust 3 hours to get there and we get there and order food and get it and its the wrong order but we are just so hungry that we eat it anyway but it was dissapointing. 
Then we get all the luggage and head off to the train for the last time ever maybe because we dont take over night trains anymore and we said goodbye to some russian friends and back to lviv.

So friday we wake up on the train and get all the stuff off the train and meet our new companions and he is way cool my comp. is well quiet but it will be a good transfer. Well we planned and had a few lesons and hit the old streets of lviv.

Then on saturday we had a full day so in the morning we had missionary planning meeting or whatever that thing is called and we have a new leader, He was less active before and I really liked him before but now he is active and our leader. We then cleaned the church because all the members were gone to kiev. We then worked with the other elders to help them put together a list of names to visit on a weekly basis and that was good me and elder jolestead have been here the longest, this is our 5 transfer here but thankfully not together only a few companionships ever have to do that and i dont think it will happen to us.

So funny story you know how im back in lviv the ukrainian capital of the well world yeah so we went contacting on saturday before a lesson and guess what language the first man i talked to spoke you guessed it Russian yeah it was weird but i understood all of it, it was just dumb because i want ukrainian. 

Sunday was awesome i got to see all the people I remember from a year ago and yeah im going to be here 1 year after i began so that was way fun the people here are just so awesome. We then went to my favorite grandma and she fed us we talked sang and roman was with us he really missed me alot and im excited to be back and I love you family and have a great Week. 

Love Uncle Elder Naumann

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