Wednesday, December 11, 2013

money (from 11/25/2013)

Dear Family, 

Well this week has been an interesting one with a few money problems at the beginning of this week with well none we had to pay our land lady for something and then the money that we had for the rest of the month wasn't there we ended up figuring everything out but Wednesday but lets just say that we didnt eat very much and we are getting a divorce......

Well other then that we had a great week we have a baptismal date for the 30th with a 13 year old kid so this whole week we have been teaching him and helping him prep for that its exciting cause we will have 3, 13 year olds it will be crazy. 

So basically in the group here we do everything right we are growing but we still have to do stuff so our week consists of these activities with the group. Tuesday we have English club then Wednesday we have family night then Thursday English then Friday Mcm and mutual and then Saturday we have cleaning and then Institute then Sunday we have church which i along with the other missionaries run with the help of the members. 

So mom your question How do you balance in your mission? Well its hard especially when you introduce school applications into the soup pot. But something that i have been trying to do since the beginning of my mission is getting in 15 min of scripture reading a day and for some reason life balances out by itself well of coarse not by itself but for some reason i feel more balanced in my day to day life. 

Something that i do like about running the group is that we can make the activates really fun and for some reason they fall into place like we want them. I konw thats not what will always be but for now im glad, For instanctance we planned the Christmas party and lets just say that it will be really fun we plan a nativity scene and a Christmas tree and Santa and well lots of great stuff but i do want something, How do you make eggnog from scratch that would be great to have i think. 

Well thats my week i have to go but i love you family and others and have a great week. 

Love Elder Naumann

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