Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Family

Dear Family, 

Well you know whats funny none of you have said anything about whats going on in kiev, apparently there is this revolution going on where there are now 2 million students resisting/ fighting the cops in kiev so that they can join the eu. Well i guess its not that big of a thing but here it is thats all the people here are talking about and its funny cause most of the investigators in our district are students and they are at the revolution in kiev and crazy things are going on. No mom yzhorod is not effected cause we are on the other side of the mountains so all is safe and all is good we just have some small rallys going on once and a while. 

Well enough about politics and the crazy revolution, now on to the good news, we have a new family that we are teaching, one of our members brought them to be taught and they want to be baptized this month so we are super stoked and they are so elect they have 2 kids one is 8 and the wife is prego and will be giving birth next month so we got to get her in the water quick before we have a problem with infant baptism. 

We also had a fun activity this week with the young men's, We are preping for a Christmas party which will have music a play and gifts and Santa and also well just lots of great stuff so we are working towards that and we are having the boys sing silent night for everyone so that's great and we practiced and the boys were fun they are really hard to teach music but its fun stuff. 

Im glad the singing stuff went well this week im always sad when i hear about stuff like that and how im not there but yeah its not that big a deal i be there soon enough well i would say too soon but i dont intend on missing another one. 

Macey I want you to know that I'm actually enjoying listing to Christmas music this year. I think its cause i forbade my companion and all others with the help of a sister, from singing Christmas songs until this week. and this next week we are planning to have a Christmas tree up soon enough at the church so all will be ready for Santa. 

It sorta got snowy here too we are having a problem it comes down at night and sticks and then in the day it turns to slush and then again at night it freezes and well lets just say you fall hard sometimes, i mean not me but others. 

Well i will pray for you grandma and well everyone else and you all got to pray for the family sorry we cant give names but pray for the family in uzhorod that they will come to our meetings and church to get baptized. 

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