Monday, October 1, 2012

Ukraine Week 12:5 months... Baptism

So this week has been a week filled with ups and downs and lots of weird things like 1 baptism that should have been two and going to kiev and learning transfer information.....

First your question about conferance 
Do you ask investigators to come? Honestly i dont know what we do as far as investigaors
 I am guessing you won't have the translated version this week, but maybe in a few weeks?  We get the translated version a week after on a cd and we all watch it as a ward on either one day or two so yeah it is all fun stuff.

So at the begining of this week we really didnt do much we got doged alot and thats always a sad thing but we are working with  8 progressing investigators and thy are all doing really well some we will be droping soon and some we have already baptized.
Something that was fun to find was on monday we found a tennis cort and so we went and played with the sisters and man we all are soooo bad it is crazy. we then had our district meeting on tuesday and it was rather funny cause the zone leaders were gone and the moores were gone so we went to one of the sisters apt. and they took forever to open the door and we found out why it was cause they were all in boba out fits and that word meens old woman. Yeah it was so funny apparently they bought them the day before at the clothes renok where i bought my coat yeah.

So then thursday was crazy we did alot of area book work and thats always fun, the best times.  Especialy when its my turn on the phone and i have to call  and test out my ukrainian on the phone yeah not very effective. Then we went and had another meeting with one of our baptisimal candadates and he was doing  really good and he was way excited to be getting baptized. Then we had english conversation. its called that cause its illegal to call it english class cause we arent teachers sooooo. yeah usualy we have       4 to 7 people come but ever since we have had some good advertizing this week we had like 20 so it was just a crazy jump and people were interested in other stuff becides english we had some peoples numbers by the end. and then off to kiev to a leadership conferance and it was a long train.....

Friday was so awesome we got off the train and went to another elders apt. and  showered and got ready for the day and it was good  then i 3somed it up with a russian and another ukrainian and we contacted all day it was hard and crazy fun we got 10 potential lessons or in other words 10 people we prayed  with on the street and got their numbers and i had to solo it on a few of the contacting sessions and it was hard and  i struggled but people are human and they helped me  it was a good experience. We then got on another train at the of the day and took it all the way to loosk and  then took  a 4  hour bus ride home.

We got back on saturday the day of the 2 baptism we had and it started off really normal mcl then clean the building then a lesson with a member then it came time  for the investigators to come for their interview and they didnt come so we called and they said they would be late but they would be there and so they got  there and  everything was normal they both were ready, nervious but ready so they  both did the interviews  and passed and  then  they went to change and the son walked right into the font with regular clothes on so we were like oh no is he drunk so we tried to help him but he was acting like nothing i have  ever seen and it was weird and no one knew what to do because he wasnt drunk so we thought it was just nerves but it was something else ( we found out later that he had taked 4 of  his anti depresent pills when he needed only to take one) 

So then we asked his mom what was wrong and she had no idea and so we  didnt end up baptizing him but we did his mom and it was really good she was so ready her testimony was so strong and she really understands the effect of the atonement in her life and i love seeing that in her. But we had no clue what was wrong with the son but everything is ok now i think we will baptize him soon so he is still on track so good day. 

Oh and  then we also found out transfer information and turns out i dont have the same companion  i get a new one his name is elder trabet and he is way cool i already know him but my trainer is leaving and going off to ivano frankisk and  i will be staying but its all good i think im ready.

Well that about it i love all of you and  shawn you look like a boss and i love how your teeth look too.....  and erik at least sence i cant hear directly from you i can at least  hear about you and it  looks like your doing good so i love you all and have a great week.

Love elder Naumann

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