Monday, February 11, 2013

Ukraine Week 31: Service in the mud

Dear Family

Well this week has been a fun one and kind of sad because we had a few opportunities to do service but we also got dogged like 5 times this week so we only ended up with like 2 lessons the whole week which was sad but I have been reading in preach my gospel about the fact that no effort is waisted and that sometimes we need to do hard things and face hard challenges because the lord wants us to grow because we will ultimately be judged on our desires and if our desires are to bring others unto Christ, even thou the world wants us to stop, we can keep going.

So we started off with p day and yeah this is what happens on our pdays here in Bovary. We wake up and go to the church and do studies on the computers and then email on the computers and then we go eat at the same pizza place that we do every p day and then shopping and then home for relaxation and cleaning the home. I'm told that there are fun things to do in Kiev but we are so far away that we just stay home and talk and read and clean because it takes like an hour and a half to get there and an hour and a half back so we could really only do something for like an hour so yeah, Its OK because elder Vernon likes staying at home and reading and I like cleaning so we both get some of what we want. 

So I have finished D&C this week and that is way awesome and that means that i can resume on my goal to read the whole old testament, in which I'm to Isaiah and that one is a beast so i will hopefully be finishing that by the end of the month and with D&C i have also been reading the history of the church for the BYU religious classes and that has really helped explain alot of stuff and its really interesting to see where this church came from. 

Like i said this week we did some service and got muddy. So we went one morning to help this man in our branch move some metal onto a truck because this man doesn't have fingers and so that was fun but it was raining and everything got dirty and muddy. Then another day basically the whole of the men in our ward showed up at this sister in our branch to help her move and it was raining too that day and then it decided to snow alot and that was fun, I like giving service. We don't get many opportunities to serve so it was good for us.

I got my haircut this week AND NOT BY A MISSIONARY I know right it looks good. The lady who did it is in our branch and she speaks Russian so that was fun to explain what i wanted done. But for some reason my head keeps getting cold and i just cant figure it out.....

So this week we got contacted on Monday by a man named V and he is an interesting man who we met with and he came to church and everyone at church was really friendly and helped him feel comfortable and that was good, I love my branch they are so good. I just wish that all the branches and wards were like this one because the places were baptisms happen could really benefit from this branch.

We had a really funny night thought last night. We started our day off with church and then we had made a plan to go to this one lady who is in the hospital and bring here the sacrament with the same man we did service for, so we went out to his house and got some bread just to be told by the branch pres. that it needs to be a quiet place which Ukrainian hospitals are not that. In one room there are 5 to 8 people and they are all doing hospital things like shots and changing and well other things too. They say that Ukrainian hospitals are 100 years behind us, I don't know about 100 but they are defiantly behind us. But so then we ate lunch at this families house and then we were about to leave when they found out that we had nothing to do so we all watched the other side of heaven in Russian and then we took the dad and had a lesson with one of our investigators and that was good. 

Well all in all it was an OK week and I'm glad to hear that everything is going well at home and I'm glad mom you have such a fun new calling, I'm praying for you daily and i know the lord is watching out for you. And no mom I don't want to try any new recipes but i was thinking what from American food do i miss and i thought captain crunch and Cinnamon toast crunch but you guys probably don't eat that any more just Grape nuts and yeah that's a cereal and its gross so i hope your not eating those. 

Well i love you and want you all to, hug mom go go go yes Macey, Josie, and Shawn that means you. Yes get up out of your chair and hug her she is awesome. I'm waiting, OK i Know its early but just do it, it will make you all feel better. 

Love Elder Naumann

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