Monday, February 11, 2013

Ukraine Week 30: Daddy's going home!

 Well this week is transfers yes and its funny to me when you all ask for transfer info because I was thinking about not telling you one time and just seeing if you would find out by the other hints but that sounded mean so i wont do that but just know that I'm staying here in Bovary with elder Vernon and well I don't know what will happen next transfer because we will be getting maybe a big set of Ukrainians and that will stir the mission a bit and this one is cool because I just found out too that my comps from the mtc are district leaders so that is cool right but also my daddy is going home this week and so is elder Vernon's so that's sad for us and happy for them because they were both really good missionaries. 

So this week was fun because on Tuesday I had the opportunity to go on exchanges with kyle ( Well our district leader who looks like kyle) Not only does he look like kyle act like kyle, likes clothes like kyle and have played lacrosse in high school like kyle he also started balding on his mission and yeah has the same amount of zeal as kyle had to get it fixed but I told him the best remedy is just to get married fast ( Right Katie?) Well yeah we had a few lessons here in Bovary with him and they were fun and funny so the first lady we visited spoke Russian and so I didn't say much, I understood most of it but still I didn't want to say anything to upset the flow so for that lesson I was the Jr. companion and then we went over to our next lesson and we had a member come with us and found out that he could only stay for 15 min so then it was us and funny because this man only speaks Ukrainian and so for that lesson I was Sr. companion because even though Elder Thacher is in his last transfer he still has no reason to need to understand Ukrainian so yeah that was a fun night of switched roles. 

So this week has been really warm like 0 Deg or maybe -6 so yeah not bad i really enjoyed the good weather. I feel kind of bad for you all for having snow but we have been having rain and that's no fun when like me you have lost your umbrella  in lviv so yeah I got a little wet. but no slipping so that's good because the rain eats away the ice so that's good. 

So this whole wheat diet sounds like fun for you all. I have been slowly dieting here in Ukraine and its worked out well I just eat less and less until I'm not hungry anymore so yeah i weighed myself this morning and I have lost 50lb since the beginning of my mission and I can really tell when i look at old mtcphotos and its crazy. I don't plan on stopping but I don't even know if its possible to do the wheat thing here mom and something else I dont think its necessary because everything her is
 без гмо ( bez g.m.o.) that means that it has no genetically modified anything and that on everything and its really funny to us Americans because in America we dont eat anything bez g.m.o I even bought a cool shirt here that says bez gmo

Im glad to hear that we will be getting a horse soon and that I wont have to be involved with any of the feeding or cleaning the poop or building a big barn. Ok I know that wont happen well to soon but maybe someday but unfortunately that someday will have an extra Elder Naumann home to help. 

So whats up with this gun thing? Is it just a fad so something that will make me rich when i sell my gun or what it sounds weird and I don't think I like it because I like shooting and tell me more about the whole scouting thing because my comp heard a little bit about it but not much. I just don't want to say yeah I have my eagle scout and then someone getting angry at me for supporting gay marriage so yeah just interested. 

I wish I could see your performance macey, maybe you can record it against the rules. Hey i bet its not against the rules to record the dungeon so yeahmacey hook me up =) 

I love stories like that about the temple being so full that you have to invest 3 hours to serve the lord because i know the lord will bless you when you serve him. I wish that we could get that drive in the people here because when I went and did baptisms i was one of like 10 people there and those were the only baptisms that were going to happen all day and they only don that like 3 days out of the week so be grateful for the temple and the opportunity to be so close to him and his house. 

Im glad to hear that grandma has her super powers back I was sad to hear that she got hit with a kriptonite fragment so that's good to hear that she is doing well. 

So at the end of this week we had a random meeting with this guy Valdemar and he is really cool, kind of weird but aren't we all and he accepted the soft baptismal invitation and that was awesome and I was really happy. 

So this week has gone by fast but has been good and the extended transfer is over and now we are back to normal well for 1 transfer because we have a 4 week transfer after that but then for real everything will be back to normal so yeah I'm loving it here in Bovary in the furthest place away from the west that a Ukrainian wants to be so yeah we will see what happens next. 

Well I love you all and I want you all to know that I have a testimony, a simple one but a true one and that is that we can change, we can change everything about ourselves to become perfect in Christ or in other words complete in Christ and we can be like him and I know that even though we are far now we can change.

Elder Naumann

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