Monday, February 25, 2013

Ukraine week 32: Lviv Ukraine Mission

( Dear Elder Naumann you are hereby called to serve in the Lviv Ukraine Mission and your missionary service will start on July 1, 2013 and your mission president will be President Danial E. Lattin)

So this week has been absolutely crazy, we started out on Monday and for the first time ever me and elder Vernon did something, Crazy I know but we got together with the rest of the district and made some burritos and watched 17 miracles but unfortunately because we live an hour and a half away we couldn't stay to the end so that was sad because l was really into it. Then we came back and had a good family night with a fun family and they fed us even though it was 8 when we had to leave they still fed us but they always feed us good food.

So then on Tuesday we had district meeting but before district meeting we had a conference call with president and l think you can all guess what that was about, yeah the new mission and while everyone was on the phone there was no noise because we were all speechless. So he told us that the new mission would be the west (lviv) and then the old mission would be Kiev and Odessa and so he said something funny, that l know that this doesn't effect you all but the missionaries in the west were way excited but me and elder Vernon were freaking out because we probably will be effected the most because he told us it would basically split 50/50 with the Russian speaking elders in the east by Kiev and the Ukrainians in the west so our guess is that all 5 companionship's will be going west soon but there also is no guarantee on the fact that we might stay in the Kiev mission but our presidents guess is that it will split rather cleanly. Unfortunately we as missionaries only have 3 times we are aloud to go to the temple a year in this mission but now being only in Lviv we wont have any chance to go to the temple so these next few weeks may be our last chances to go and do everything we want to in Kiev so we will be busy on p days :)

After district meeting we started our exchanges and yeah l got to be with elder Michael's in nova d and we stayed in his area and we were busy with calls and then with a baptismal interview, we then had English and they have like 30 people come and so we were over the advanced group and we had fun they were really nice people and I got to sing I am a child of god with another sister and a member who speaks English but I didn't know so I was sitting quietly and then the sister missionary asked me if I could sing too so I did. It sounded good and then after we invited people to talk with us and people waited in line to talk with us so we all talked and then we rushed home and made it and elder Michael's is a really good singer and piano player and so we sang and he played and it was a fun exchange.

OK I forgot but on Monday before the party we were writing emails and a man came in asking if we could meet with him and bring the Bishop and yeah we were rather astonished and so we asked him how he knew us and turns out that he has been in Portugal for like 6 years and the missionaries were teaching him there and then I asked his name and it was Omar Naumanka......... Yeah i know right that's our last name. Mom and dad are we from Ukraine???????

Other than that not much happened this week it was rather shadowed by the whole naumanka and new mission and party and now today we are going to a really old church and a big statue and that will be fun.

Shawn good job on the losing weight man I'm way proud of you but don't think that's all you need to do keep working hard on school and scouts and don't forget to read your scriptures I know it sounds boring but its soooooo worth it.

Macey.... Get a job................

Josie good luck with everything and I know you will make it into choir don't worry we can always get into choirs as naumanns weather its advanced or not You will do a great job but work hard and you will be as satisfied as your heavenly father is.

Well everyone else keep up the good work whatever your doing...

Love Elder Naumann

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