Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ukraine Week 31:Less Active What?

Dear Family 

So this week has been a good one and well I look back on my whole mission so far and I think all my weeks have been good but for some reason they all feel the same to me and not very adventurous and sometimes boring but I forget that I'm in Ukraine and that makes it a good week no matter what happens and I get to preach the Gospel and that is good no matter where you are.

So we had district meeting this week with the new district leader and it was.... well not that great he does district meeting like everyone else use to do it before pres. chastised them all and told them to do it better but I think he missed the wagon and now we have goodish district meetings and yeah. 

We had some good meetings this week with V'yacheslav and then with this new man named Stephan and he was way cool he was a 61 year old man who looked 45 yeah in Ukraine and he was wearing a suit and well was well dressed and he works as a teacher and it was way cool he was awesome and we ended up teaching him two lessons and took 2 hours and he was still eating it up but at the end he told us that he couldn't meet for a month because he has to take care of some family issues and so yeah that's about when transfers are so we will see with him because i liked him alot and ourMcl was surprised that he was dressed so well and didn't act or look like a drunk guy because sometimes the only people who want to listen are drunk people and that's always sad because they don't really progress much. 

We also had a sort of funny meeting with this non active family in our branch who I have never seen and yeah so we showed up and they were there and the husband has some sort of disability and was really slow and we invited them to church and they just mumbled and we moved on because we didn't understand them and then funny story the husband asked if I play video games, or at least that's what I thought he said out of his mumbling and I said yes and then he got out his Sega i think and started mortal combat and yeah I was already in the Dumpster and yeah I played with him and I felt it was better for him for me to play than him hating missionaries forever so yeah, for some reason I had no fun, I don't know if that's because I am a missionary or because I just don't like video games anymore but yeah it was funny. 

So sounds like you had a cool stake conference and dad its interesting about what that man asked about the 70s because I am reading and have read some Institute manuals and they are really interesting and they explain those things alot and helped me understand what the heck the 70s are and I just finished reading this History of the church institute manual and it made me want to read the history of the church but yeah I have to wait for that but I really like the religious books so I read them in my spare time which there isn't much so I'm going slow.

Macey I'm glad your play went well and with the extra fork thing at the end which was probably really funny and cool. Just don't get sad because its done because you still have next year but for now get a job so New York can happen i think that would be way awesome for you and quite an adventure.

Well mom I think that you guys made the right decision to stay and cut some trees because that's way more important that seeing a baby bump and just think when she has the kid you will be there for like 6 months because you wont want to leave so its better that you plan now and make some dinners without wheat and stick them in the freezer so no one dies while you are gone. =)

Cool stuff about Utah missions is that its the number 1 baptizing mission, and my thought is its because the church is the way it should be and you can always have members on lessons and neighbors encouraging them to get baptised instead of others pulling them down so that is something I found out here because one member here served there like 10 years ago and he said it was awesome but sad to come back here and see us struggling.

Well I encourage all of you just like that 70 at stake conference said to come closer to the temple and do work as much as you can and do good family history because we aren't done. Have the faith that god will provide a way for you to go to the temple weekly at least and you will be able to have the lords influence with you much stronger. 

Love Elder Naumann

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