Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ukraine 38: ThevFlood, Easter and Daylight Savings

Dear Family, 

This week has been good and bad and sick and better and well the pool is small but the flood is starting.

So Monday was a normal pday with the regular stuff, we went to or branch presidents house forFHE and that was way fun their family is really nice and the kids are way cute. He also Translates for general conference so lets just say that I helped him with some translations of a conference that hasn't happened yet......:) 

Then Tuesday was even more fun so we had district meeting but to get there it took us an extra hour because we live in Ukraine where technology hasn't reached past the shovel. So we got to district meeting, We have as a mission started reading the bom so we talked alot about what we had been reading and we are all in the same spot but we got alot of cool different insights.

Then after district meeting we started exchanges, and i got elder R he is a native and he is only 17 he is serving a mini mission so that is cool. He knows no English so 100% Ukrainian. We first went to domino's and normal there just pizza. Then we came home and this kid just talked and talked and man i know more than i think sometimes so that was fun. I learned the real meaning of SYL and for those who don't know what that is ask Erik kyle and maybe dad. 

So after we did English and well i taught the whole thing and Elder R was one of the participants. Then Wednesday we got back together but apparently my companion got food poisoning at domino's and yeah he was throwing up and we were an hour away from home and getting home wasn't fun and the second we were inside he threw up in a bucket. 

So Wednesday we sat inside and i read Jesus the Christ and other things and my companion tried to sleep and managed to sleep for 20 of the next 24 hours.

Thursday we woke up and he said Im sick so he fell back asleep and i got ready for the day and sat and read. He wasn't really food poisoning sick anymore but he was super dehydrated and super starved so he slowly recovered that day while we stayed inside and then we had English and only one guy showed up so we basically taught him plan of salvation in English and that was good.

Friday was more indoors my companion was still recovering and we had weekly planning so we planned and talked and got ready for missionary meeting with the branch and that didn't happen because our missionary leader is sick so we worked on our English program.

Then Saturday was funny so we go outside to walk to and study at the church and the cataclysm had come back and so we got the the church and shoveled and then started to study and out of nowhere our branch pres. came and started to clean and turns out that this week the 5th week everyone comes and cleans and so we helped a little and then the lady who does our hair came. 

She came up and asked us if we wanted haircuts and we were like yeah, Elder Vernon was going to ask you tomorrow for one but today works too. So yeah random hair cut session and that was cool.

We then came home to have lunch because we had a lesson at 4 and we still hadn't studied what we were going to teach and so yeah we hurried home and then back and then got dogged so we finished studies and then came home and made some phone calls.

Sunday was also cool so of course it was daylight savings time so we moved forward an hour so that was fun and tiring so we had branch council and that was nice and in it we decided to have third hour first and then sacrament meeting second and then Sunday school third so we did and we first learned about family history work and then sacrament and then Sunday school.

After that we were invited over to the Clark's house and they live in a little village outside of Bovary so we followed them to a train stop and we all got on the train called an electreechkaand that was fun. We got to their house and they made us lunch and we gave them a lesson and their kids played with us and it was fun but the walk out their was flooded i was drenched up to my knees. 

We then came back to the church through the flood and train and then got a call from our mclwho asked us if we could come over and bless him and so we did and then he asked us to go bless his home teaching family and so we headed over their and then got canceled on so we came home.

Our investigator pool is almost dry we are trying too fill it but the flood makes it hard to walk on the streets. We have a plan to go and visit all the formers in our area book without numbers and see if they have any interest.

Well this week was good I'm glad I got your emails cause They weren't here when I first came to email. So kind of embracing i had no idea that Easter was yesterday so happy Easter everyone.

Love Elder Naumann

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