Monday, April 15, 2013

Ukraine Week 40: Craziness

So first the questions mom
I am so glad that you finally got your package! me too thanks for it.
That must mean that you are ready for another one, right? yeah i am and i have come up with some things that aren't here and that i want in basically all other packages, so brown sugar that's top on the list then resses peanut butter cups and then peanut butter and no candy other than that well maybe sweatish fish cause we have all other candy here and im rich with msf, and maybe some of that grape coolade stuff that takes no sugar would be awesome, and of course mac and cheese (cheese)
The package was for your birthday, so if I send another one soon you should have it for Christmas? yeah it takes about 3months for a package to get here and to me from the mission office.
 Where is the new mission office going to be located? lviv thats all i know 
When will you know where you will be assigned and all that jazz? Im going to be in the lviv mission.
Have you met the new president yet? no we wont until he comes as our pres.
When are transfer changes? on Thursday i will be leaving and so will elder vernon and im going to be with a Russian speaker and we will be in vinitsya. 
How are you getting along with your companion? great we are way good
Does being the 3rd brother help you get along with your companions better? maybe i really have no idea I really think the only thing that makes it easy to get along with companions is patients and being humble and teachable and willing to compromise so yeah maybe being 3rd helped.

whew that took a long time to answer those mom. hey and that's cool you saw elder Wallace he was a way awesome missionary and I liked him alot but I dont know where he is from sorry.

wow 20 missionaries its great to see how the lord is really speeding up his work, its amazing to think that there will be upwards of 100,000 missionaries out soon so yeah crazy.

So this week was really craziness so first on Monday we went to a bible store in Kiev to buy Ukrainian bibles and i bought two a cool blue and orange one and a pure white one, i bought the white one because i always want to steal the white bibles from the temple but that is probably a sin so i bought one instead. 

Tuesday we had a really regular day with district meeting and English.
then on Wednesday we went over to the Clark's and had a really nice last day with them we didn't know we were both leaving yet but i had a feeling but we had a fun time and at church on Sunday the kids came up and hugged me and that was way cute.

Then Thursday we had some exchanges and well i was with elder Michel's in his area and i always love going into others areas, we had fun we basically did nothing but errands buying tickets for him and then English with this really funny singer and yeah not really much but i found out that i was getting transferred with him because our registration lady blurted it out that i was leaving so that was funny.

So then on Friday we didnt really have anything all week we were working up to Saturday and we on Saturday got a call from our district leader telling us we were leaving and that was crazy and this place is getting whitewashed again so thats sad and then we watched general conference all day long and i loved the messages from it. 

Then on Sunday we had ward council and told everyone we were leaving and it was sad and they were like thank you and we were like we didnt really do much but we did our best then we watched the first session and set up like 15 meetings for the next 3 days and this random less active woman came and referred this 22 year old who is best friends with her active son and invited us over that night to teach him and after the next session and lunch we went over and had a really great lesson and he accepted a baptismal date for 2 weeks from now so that was way awesome but kinda sad we will miss it he is way cool and way ready and im glad the lord prepares his children to be taught when they need to.

This next week will be crazy because we will be double booked every night for the next 3 days with member meetings and investigator meetings crazy.

Well i love you all and am very grateful for you prayers.

Love Elder Naumann

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