Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ukraine Week 39: Warm days are here at last!

Dear Family 

Well this week was warm, well maybe not that warm but much warmer than it has been and all the snow is melting I think today it is positive 1 or 2 and that's awesome I think I may have even sweat a little this week. 

Well this last Monday was rather normal we went over to a members for family night and that was really fun he speaks English because he served in Utah and his sister was there too and she also speaks English but she served here just in another part of Ukraine so that was cool, we played this pantomime sort of game and their kid was way funny and then he told me that i had to act out something so I did and elephant and he really liked it when I made my elephant noise, he said that if his eyes were closed he would have thought an elephant was there in the room so funny. 
Then Tuesday was rather an adventure, I think it was the hottest day it has been since winter started and we sure felt it, So we had district meeting and instead of being late 20 min like last time we were early 20 min so we went in and the sisters were there teaching someone. and we made some phone calls to plan our day and one phone call made our whole day full of travel I will tell you why. So funny story we got a text 2 weeks ago on Friday telling us if we hadn't already given our letters to the office to call the ap's so we called the ap's because we had no idea about this letter.

We called them and they told us that it was a letter for our new mission pres. and that its not a big deal and that we could just get it to them by Tuesday and so last Monday came around and we called them and they said that they had already sent them and yeah so long story short after district meeting we went to the office ( usually a 1 hour trip) and took 2 and a half hours and we walked half the way and yeah we sat in a really hot packed bus for a long time. We got there and gave our stuff to them and got our packages and I love my package thank you. Then our pres. came out and said hey guys what are you doing here and we told him and his solution to sending our letters was to scan them and send them direct so yeah 5 hours of travel could have been solved by technology and a bit of thinking so funny story.

Tuesday we went to a less actives house and they acted like actives and we asked them why they haven't been at church and they said they have been sick and they seemed to be telling the truth they have a bunch of kids and they seemed to believe that story too soo who knows.

Then on Thursday we had a really successful day like the best day as far as numbers I have ever had. We have been making this list of people to stop by and we went and stooped by some of those people and one old lady let us in and she became a new investigator and then we had English and 2 guys there became new investigators so that was awesome cool day.

Then FRIDAY I for some reason got food poisoning and was throwing up and felt crappy so we did nothing but sleep well that's what I did I think my companion called people. Then Saturday i was still sort of sick but wasn't trowing up because I hadn't eaten in a day and a half so we tried to stay in most of the day and then had a lesson with one of our new investigators at night.

Yesterday wasn't conference for us here that's next week so i know nothing about any of the talks or things like that so I have to be patient, but we did do our weekly planning and visited this former investigator family who wasnt home so we will teach them this week maybe. 

Ok so question is this friend of kyles is this the girl who I dressed up like a unicorn for? Kyle help them understand if this is the right girl.

So I don't know about mothers day phone call I will ask but I think it should be OK with changing the date so I will ask but maybe I can just do a google + thing because Erik invited me to his circle so who knows maybe....

That's an interesting protest those women are doing and it will be interesting what the government is going to do with prop 8 thing and the guns thing and I would be really sad if the boy scouts stooped and probably the church would maybe create its own thing if that were to ever happen.

Well That is my week and I love you all have a good one and thanks again for the package I think I will make a cake on my year mark and eat it too.

Love Elder Naumann

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