Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ukraine Week 41: Russian WHAT????

Dear Family 

Well this week has been well you could say crazy, So transfers this week which means that we had a butt load of lessons with members which were way fun and sad because i really love the members in Bovary and the branch is just the most solid branch i have ever seen. 

So on Monday we had 2 lessons with members and they both wanted to feed us so they did and now i know a little bit about the way American missionaries feel all the time ( maybe ) Well so we went over to the pauk family and had a really nice time there but we could only say for like 30 min and then we went to the branch pres. house and that was really fun their kids love us and their son who is like 3 or 4 loves us because every time we go over we bring something and we did this time too and he hugged us and told us to never leave and that was cute, we were really busy the rest of the day too with some cleaning and a little prep work for the new missionaries.

Tuesday we had our last district meeting and last time at dominoes and that was fun we had to cut our studies because we had so much prep work to do we cleaned and packed and then we went to a lesson at night with a really fun member and she fed us but we had to cut that short because we were going to have a meeting with our baptismal date but then he canceled so that was way sad so we came home and did more work.

Then Wednesday we had all day and only one meeting at night to do stuff and somehow we managed to finish everything and I was amazed and excited to be leaving but sad too we had a little meeting at night with another family and they were way nice and fed us too so that was awesome, but somehow my bags got like twice as big as last transfer and i didnt even buy anything so that was weird.

So Thursday we had transfer day and we had planned to meet our land lady in the early morning hours and get a taxi and then ride it into Kiev no big deal right.... wrong so we got a taxi and it was like 30 min late and then it was the smallest taxi i have ever seen and we had 5 big bags worth of stuff so we finally figured everything out and ended up that i and elder vernon had to have the bags on top of us and well long story short we went to the wrong address ( 2 hours) and then ran out of gas 
(another hour) and then grabbed another taxi of the side of the road ( much bigger taxi) and then we made it to the office and dropped of my bags and then back in a taxi (1 hour) and back to the place we were meeting elder vernons companion yeah.....!!!!!! and then  i got with another elder and went to the office and on the bus we took my new companion and another new elder in my district were there so we talked for a while and then went to the office.

We did a bunch of stuff there and i finally met sister Olds and that was funny i asked hey do you by chance know katie naumannand then i was like oh wait hoke and then she was like yeah wait how do you know here and so she says hi to everyone especially  you katie.

We then ( my new comp. and elder tribett and his new comp elder porter) got in a taxi and then dropped our stuff of and then decided to make our way to TGI Fridays and that place was way way expensive and really good i loved it an then we had to split up because elder tribett forgot his backpack at the office so me and my comp elder Walker ( Russian speaker) got on a bus going to vinnitsya with my bags and got back really late it took 4 hours but all is good my apt. isnt really bad just dirty so yeah i will fix that and then bed.

So i will tell you a bit about elder walker so he went to suu before his mission and lives in las Vegas and he is a vocal solo major, he has been out on the mission 3 more transfers than me and speaks Russian and is half Mexican and half white so yeah that's a little about him.

Then on Friday and Saturday we had a bunch of service and that was really exhausting but fun this place is really not that big but not that small its in the middle and really nice i like it, the branch is small. 

Saturday and Sunday we watched conference and the visited some less active members on Sunday and that was nice to see them and to try to get to know everyone but it will be good here but maybe we as Ukrainian speakers will only be here for like 1 transfer because our president wants this area to be in his mission but who knows. 

Well im glad everyone is alive and kicking, and yeah mom lets plan on the 5th for now and i will ask if that will work i think it will and yeah so think of some times that you would want to do it because we have to decide before next Monday.

Love you Elder Naumann

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