Monday, August 26, 2013

fun week for all

Dear Family,

Wow sounds like alot is going on for everyone school and work and new computers and well it sounds like everything in real life has just hit and lets just say that im glad to be on a mission it is the one place and time in my life where i dont have to worry about "real" life and its great i love it. 

Well this week was simply a bomb like literally we had like no free time to contact or even visit very many members cause we were home base for everyone to come in and find their new companions and sending them off so it was crazy. 

I was still with elder Nielson for most of the week and man when im with him even my journal goes under so i really cant recall where i was what i was doing but its ok now i have a new planner and all will be well. so i will do a brief overview of what i did.

Mon. We did regular stuff but mid way through we met up with a member and we went bowling and it was great its fun to do regular things with members and weird too. we also had dinner at tex mex for one last time well i keep saying that but i keep going back so yeah we them met up with him again after tex mex and we talked and walked and he is doing great he is really struggling with coming to church cause he doesn't like the members but he is doing alot better. 

Tuesday we had a really crazy day we ran around and tried to please everyone and that ivan pavlieshen guy who keeps calling you really wanted to spend time with us but we had to so registration stuff and English and well lots but it all worked out and it was crazy.

Wednesday well we spent the whole day with roman and we did alot of stuff we shopped and visited my favorite old granny and it was fun he is great he is our branch pres. over uzhorod so we talked about uzhorodwith my new companion elder terry he is great and amazing at the language but on the more boring side butim use to that. Its sad to leave lviv for the second time i never thought i would come back but i did and i hope i did what the lord wanted. 

Thursday well we woke up early and went off to our train to uzhorod and well the rest of the week went like this English and English planning cleaning and church with only 6 member so it was good i like it the only thing is that we have to carry the whole thing on our backs for now cause the members are so new but i like it we are working hard here we have a few investigators and i haven't met them yet but we are going to hit the city hard, we have 3 hopefully baptisms this week so thats great and im excited to work here. 

well love you all and hope real life is great i pray for you all so much and i hope for the best that can happen to all of you so have a great week. 

Love Elder Naumann

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