Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Erik and Shawn (from 8/12)

Dear Family, 

Well Happy birthday brothers you are so old and man didnt you both just have birthdays and shawn i feel like it was just yesterday that you got the aaronic priesthood and now you are turning 13 that means it was a year ago or so, now that is crazy. I read in the scriptures the other day about the lords time and how it is one day but really 1000 years and that 1000 years is one day and i figured out why missions feel so weird sometimes when it comes to time, because as missionaries, his servants we are on his time so sometimes we feel like a day is 1000 years and nothing is happening and then at the same time i was just in keiv with a different person and who knows how that happens  its just the lords time that all i can say. 

Wow thats way fun that so many people visited you all this week it sounds like a party, and it also sounds like the party will end in about a week by someone named school. ahhhh school i remember at the beginning of this transfer i told my companion that only 1 transfer until school starts for everyone and now its happening and yeah the lords time goes and goes and goes.

This week is really hard to remember i keep hoping that i will get a planner soon cause i cant live without it well i can but its a different life that i dont like. On Monday we finaly got out to this family who is having a really hard time with their marriage and it was hard to see them the only thing thats really keeping them together is their kid but it really was a miracle that they let us over cause we havent been able to get out to them for like 4 months and i think it was good for them they are really good people and great members of the church apart but together they dont do really well. Im really glad we got out there and hopefully they will let us back, pray for them they need it. 

We also had District meeting with pres. lattin and it was way funny he had planned to only take about 30 min but like all old people and leaders they took the whole time but it was way good we talked alot about our potential to become like god and the way we can. What a great gift that god has given us his little insignificant children who cant even fly or bend elements or anything without him but he loves us so much that he gave us the opportunity to be with him and be join heirs with Christ, wow its hard to comprehend but we can do it and we have some people rather high up rutting for us so we really can. 

We also had interviews with president and it was the longest interview i have ever had cause he asked me about everything about language, the work, you all, and really everything and it was really good i think it took about 20 min where most of my interviews go for about 5 and that is even too much some times. We also had studies with him he wanted to be with us so of coarse we talked about our studies and other cool things and he really is a smart man who understands the Gospel and wants to help others so it was fun. 

We Also had something cool happen this week we found out that if one person in a companionship can contact and proselyte then its legal for them to be with someone who cant so we are now on permanent exchanges/ exchanges for 10 days until transfers soim with elder nielson my mtc companion and its awesome we are loving it we will do work and love it. 

We lost us some good people this week the sr couple that have been here and we said our goodbyes to them they are really great. They live in idaho next to byu i and so when i go there for school i will have to go visit them for some meal or something like that they invited us so its cool. We also went to a graveyard with ihor our recent convert, his mother was buried there she passed away about 43 years ago so he was sad and it was good for him and it was a really cool graveyard so that was good. 

Miracle for the week was that a less active young man well 19 year old, is becoming active again because his mom is getting baptized and thats a really good thing for him he spoke in church and it was way awesome, its interesting i have been working with this kid for like 1 year now and out of nowhere he has this thing happen and he is back and as strong as ever he is way cool and will be next for the mission it will be awesome. Its hard to see how insignificant we are and what we do and how it wont happen when we think it will but it will happen in the lords time and the people who are his are his sheep and he loves them way more that we ever could. 

We had a good week fun and full of miracles and it sounds like everyone is good getting ready for the end of the beginning. Love you all and have a great week. 

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