Saturday, August 24, 2013

Uzhorod Say What!!!!

Dear Family,

Well i think first things first i will just answer moms questions. 
So you are going to a new area huh? Yeah its way cool the area has just been opened like 3 or 4 months ago and i have wanted to serve there since we knew that it would open. 

 Who will be your companion? His name is elder Terry he served around me in vinestya so I already know him pretty well.

 It seems like the farthest point West in Ukraine. Yeah it is its on some boarders so lets just say that its small and everyone there speaks a mix of Russian Ukrainian and Hungarian. that will be fun huh.

 how is your apartment? so my apt. there is one of the best ones in the mission because its a small town its not too expensive so they have air conditioners and king size beds, great stuff huh, especially cause right now im sleeping on basically a couch. 

 Where do you shop for food, do your laundry? well there are typically laundry machines in all the apt. so there should be one there but yeah then shopping, there are usually big shopping malls and big stores and there is even one here called vell mert the Ukrainian version of wall mart so yeah thats where we shop usually if not just at basically a gas station size store, those are everywhere and cheep too.

 Is there a branch there? no not yet there are 6 members and 6 missionaries and they are just a group off of lviv branch so its good they are small there but the members have this crazy fire its awesome. 

Well yeah sounds like you are all having a great continuation of your fun week with kyle and katie thats so great hey kyle i got your message. i like your ear lobes too. Im way excited for the new temple video it sounds way cool all the missionaries are talking about it apparently its a topic of discussion.

Thank you for the package it was so perfect it was literally everything that i wanted, but my companion said it looked like you had all eaten half the sweetish fish and i said no they wouldn't do that but i wouldn't blame you if you did, i for sure would have too. that alan Radmall is way cool  he hooked me up he is the best. He said the next time he comes he will tell you and you can give him stuff and he can leave it in the mission home or something so watch out for a facebook message or a call or something.

Well this week has been absolutely crazy there are so many changes, every single companionship except one is changing, i dont know what pres. is thinking but we think he is sweeping the floor. Its great though cause i dont want to be in leadership and i dont want to train and it looks like the older farts are out and the new guys are in and im loving it. so something cool that i heard is that by the end of the year we will only have 29 elders and 26 sisters, crazy right almost 50 50 double date time. 

So i have been with elder nielson this week and we basically worked alot and spent alot of time with members who will miss us and already knew we were leaving so yeah we went out to a celo and i milked a cow that was fun. We also went on exchanges with some members and it was a blast the members here are awesome i love them. Im really sad to leave cause this is my home and i have only been here 2 transfers well ok 6 all together but that's whatever. 

Hey kyle this i a secret message to you elder Hansen Ringer says hi, he apparently worked with you at country side pool or whatever so thats cool right he is leaving this week and he says hi. and he also tells you to shave your beard we all know you miss having a lot of hair but get over it. 

Well im excited for this new chapter in the mission and im excited for all of you and starting school and stuff so have fun and do work. 

Love Elder Naumann

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