Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not Much

Dear Family

Well this week sounded like it was a blast for you all in Yellowstone and island park and efy im glad you all had fun. I miss spending time with you all i always remember the fun times we had at the cabin. It sounds like Erik and Becca are doing good what did i tell you all you have to stop it before i get home or i wont be happy ok i will still be happy but still do all you can. 

Well this week was good we didnt really do much i cant remember really what we did the time moves by so quickly and i try to look back but i forget that's why i have a journal and usually i have a planner too so i can remember stuff but i dont have one and haven't for the past 3 weeks so yeah sorry my letters are awful. 

Well Something i do remember this week is being on institute for everyone that we have once a week in the summer and its way fun there are like 10-15 people that come and this week we talked about wilford woodruf and it was interesting he is actually one of the prophets that i know alot about thanks to the movie the mountain of the lord so it was fun to talk about him. 

We also had a day where we went and visited less actives with the branch president and that was fun he is struggling right now cause he has a lot of stress with his calling and he is also trying to find a wife and hopefully he will in a return missionary but who knows we will see. 

Oh funny experience we went over to a members house who is less active and also it was his birthday this week and so we went over and he invited the ap's and they were busy with a meeting with the branch president so they couldn't come but the member told us that if they dont come he would leave the church so yeah he is a bit crazy but they managed to come and we ate alot of food he is really funny and when i was over there i saw a liahona and opened it and saw a picture of rob ( cousin) with his family so it was funny. 

Well yesterday we went to boba tatyana yesterday and had a good time it is her birthday this week and we plan on bringing her a gift she was way happy to see us so thats always good. 

Well thats basically it have a good week macey keep thinking about byui and dont think about the fact that you cant have shorts there its ok to wear pants all year round. 

Love Elder Naumann

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