Monday, October 8, 2012

Ukraine week 13: 21 -2 = 19 Crazy‏

So this week started out kind of crazy there were lots of meeting with members and investigators and other people elder olsen wanted to say goodbye to and it was fun but sad for elder olsen he is dissapointed cause he thinks that if he had one more transfer here he would feel compleet and the work he did here would be done but obviously the lord thinks otherwise so he sent elder Trebett to me here in lviv and im really well i dont know what to think yet i cant really tell you about his work ethic or anything like that cause i have only been with him 4 days but i know he wants to change the branch here and make the less actives active and do stuff like that so we will see what happens. My companion is from las vegas and went to byu the year before his mission and he is a stud and i like him alot but he doesnt like meat so i dont know what to do with that and he thinks that he will change me to not want meat but i dont think it will happen we will see.

So we had two family nights this week cause we wanted to say goodbye to 2 families so we had one with the beckers on monday and one on tuesday with the malonoses and that was good they both have really little kids who are really fun and just a hand full but those days were full of packing and man does elder olsen have alot of stuff it is crazy and i hope that i wont have that much stuff when i go to my very last area... Well we al know i will i will go crazy and buy lots of stuff and just really go crazy but you know who cares i will deal with that when i get to it.

On wednesday we went out after more packing to lunch with one companionship of sisters and this one hawiian lady who was just here for a couple of days and she wanted to take us out to lunch and she said i will take you out anywhere and at any cost so we didnt know where to go but elder olsen remembered that he wanted to try this one really classy looking place called valentines and it was so cool in there it blew my mind and i just didint know what to do the thing i ordered was veil and it cost 195 greven yeah thats alot i mean its really only about 20 dollers but for us who only get 1800 greven to last us the month it was alot but she was so cool about everything and we found out that she is going to serve a mission in japan and that was cool.
After the lunch we went right to the church cause we had a baptism and yes i know that a wednesday baptism is weird but he was leaving and we decided that that would be the best thing to do as far as he goes so we didnt hold the whole thing we just did the ordinance but it was dumb we didnt invite really anyone but like 15 people came. It made me kind of mad cause when we do invite people no one comes really dumb right i dont know what to do its crazy.

Thursday we were in kiev to change our companions and we didnt really get anything else done becides that cause we had to get on a train at 4 and so we were on the train all day and all night and it was just so worthless and it was scary getting to the train station cause we barly got there in time for the train to leave but we made it and everything was ok but im just glad we made it in time or else we would have spent the night in kiev and another 2000 greven and that would have been dumb.

So changes to my district are elder trebett and sisters irazary and moore and they are cool but kind of sad this week our other moores are back in america to get some stuff checked out with sister moore she is sick but we dont know what with probably sick of us. but pray for her and yeah.

 Who are you teaching right now? We are teaching alot of people but i really dont know cause we havent seen any of them this week and that is really sad but yeah we are working on it.

 Is there anyone that you want me to put their name in the temple?
 Valodia and mark and kostia and nadia so yeah them please

so conferance 19 years old yeah that is so crazy when our sister found that out some were really sad that they waited and they could be done by now and it is just interesting to think that in less that a year we will have 18 year old guys out here and 19 year old girls and i wonder if like when they changed the time period to 18 months if this whole thing in a cupple of years will go away but who knows it will be interesting i dont know if there are alot of 19 year old girls who could handle a mission ( just kidding ) but really and 18 year old guys i dont even feel like i am mature enough to be out here but obviously the age group behind me are just wayyyyyyy more elect and ready to serve the lord.

Well thats it i look forward to seeing conferance at the end of the week and i will tell you all about how much i loved it next week.
Love elder Naumann

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