Monday, October 29, 2012

Ukraine Week 16: Winter....

Well Winter has hit us too here in Ukraine and its about as cold as you can imagine yeah its way cold but luckily my companion has like 3 extra pairs of gloves that i stole and now my hands are a warm as my body and yeah but the weather is very brisk and not much snow and also half way through the week daylight savings changed and we gained an hour and so we felt like we were sleeping in but it was good. Now the sun goes down at 6 and i hear that it goes down at 4 when winter really hits so I,m excited for that....

So we have been thinking about the sister missionaries coming out to the field soon and we asked the zone leaders and they said it was reported that there will be 20,000 new sister missionaries soon and all i was thinking is can we really handle that many sisters its crazy. We also were told by one of our sister missionaries here that her sister went to her bishop at BYU and started getting ready and the bishop said almost every sister that can go is going and they really don't know what they are getting themselves into but they will find out soon. 
So exciting stuff because we have 10 sister missionary companionship's here in Ukraine and we could use more but not really we have a few areas that aren't open that could be open if we had a few more companionship's but who knows what will happen, i think that a lot of sisters will serve state side cause the requirements are a lot easier so yeah cool stuff.

I'm glad to hear that Erik finally gave his homecoming talk and that it was good. I have been wondering that same question myself lately and reading my patriarchal blessing too and its hard cause it says that I'm out here for a reason and that there are people out here that i only can help and that a lot to think about that someone Else's salvation rests on the fact if you like Erik invite them to church or knock on their door or stop them on the street. It really makes you feel inadequate and i have a really hard time now especially since we have no investigators and my companion really doesn't like working with the ward (active members) he feels like its a waist of time and yeah i don't know what to do there.

We had exchanges this week with the zone leaders and so i went with Elder Dorious and i was in his area and we had literally nothing to do all day so we contacted for 8 hours and got 1 potential man was that a long and kind of disappointing day we talked to everyone literally everyone if they crossed out path we stooped them or at least tried to but it was hard cause some days are just like that and then some days we are out for 5 min and we get a new investigator and yeah its interesting the way the lord works but i do know that he knows his sheep and no one that day was ready to talk i guess.

Then yesterday we went to go visit the old woman who calls me savior to bring her the sacrament and she just talked the whole time about how she just found out she has Cancer and that was sad and so we read about the saviour and his love and how it applies in our lives and then we went over to this other less active to help her with her computer and teach her about charity and then we were on our way home and i had this impression that we should stop by this less active member we have been trying to work with and we showed up at his door and he was up the stair well chewing tobacco and he tried to hide it and he came down and talked to us for a sec. and then we left but who knows maybe us showing up will help him realize his addiction and yeah who knows i hope we did what we were supposed to.

Well dad your question about people here like coconuts yeah they are basically like that but i would describe them as like an orange not to hard of skin but hard enough that you have to dig alittle to get to the inside and once you get to the inside you never know if your going to have a sour one or a sweet one so yeah that is the way that i see Ukrainians they dont have many friends cause they don't just automatically call you a friend cause you said hi to them like we do in america but the friends they do have are as loyal as heck and they will go to the ends of the earth for you so yeah i really like when we make friends with someone.

Well that all for this week except im going to be an uncle but kyle already told me that and so yeah i dont know if he told you that a week ago but yeah my vote for the name is IGOR.

Love Elder Naumann

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