Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ukraine week 14: Not in Ukrainian‏

Well this week has been a fun week like i said last week i have a new companion and he really wants to change alot of things about this area and about really everything including our apt. We have been working really hard this week but for some reason we havent had very good numbers but numbers arent everything and we are surviving.

Not much to talk about this week except general conferance and how amazing it was. I dont think i have ever got so much out of general conferance as i did this time. (probably because i was awake the whole time) Well yeah so like you asked last week if we invited investigators well yeah we did but none showed up so we went down stairs and watched it on our computer in english with my companion and i was really glad cause none of the other missionaries got anything but the sprit out of conferance and now this week i have alot to think about other than waiting for the next leahona to come out and for us to read the talks so that was good. Our mission pres droped a bomb on us that morning, he said that because of conferance we wernt going to do study and that we needed to do something else for 3 hours in the morning when no one is out on the street. That was kind of frustrating but me and my comp. worked on the map we have been making to go visit people that are less or inactive members.

We didnt really do much other than making that map and contacting like crazy and i am sort of glad that elder olsen is gone not because i dont like him but because he was too good at the language and he just would really do everything for me and i would always think that i didnt understand the language and that i wasnt able to do much but be his companion but my new companion is only 7 months old mission wise and he doesnt really know the language all that well so i really have to step up my game and it has helped me to really understand what i can and cant do and what the heck i need to work on.
Like just yesterday i gave a blessing to an old lady in our branch who is always sick and i did ok it was hard but i did it and everything worked out and i am glad for that chance i had to give that blessing.

We for some reason have lost all 10 of our progressing investigators and my companion thinks its him and his curse. His curse is that every time he goes into a new area they never get meetings and they loose all the former investigators and its really sad for me cause i really liked some of the people we were meeting with i really thought i could help them i didnt believe it at first but now that it has been 2 weeks since any of our old investigators has answered the phone im starting to believe it.

19 Alexis Wow i don't know what to say but wow you too Kacey it is so awesome and such an example to me that the young women of the church can act so immediately and with such obedience What has it been a week and i bet that in 4 months the missionary numbers will go from 50,000 ish to 70,000 ish and that just blows my mind well yeah i was really wondering who that would effect i asked myself who would serve that i knew and it is cool to hear about things like that because there definitely are a lack of sisters out here. 

Well i have been sending you things that i wanted for months now but i will tell you the things that i remember and want for real.
zebra f402 pen it is my favorite i want some ink for it and maybe a pen or 2 
those ice grippers for the bottom of shoes that kyle had
measuring cups that colaps and maybe some table spoon stuff too
peaneut butter
Brown sugar 
That soda maker thing i told you about 
maple extract 
Rootbeer extrace and that goes along with the soda maker only rootbeer
a video of eriks home coming if there is one 
and yeah i think the letters that i sent have goten there but yeah 
I think thats it and i love you all and hopefuly this next week will be more eventful..

Love Elder Naumann

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