Monday, October 22, 2012

Ukraine week 15: Table of books

Wow i feel so honored to be on the ward news letter I dont even know what to say or how I will say how trully blessed my life has been from my mission but I will try.
This week has been rather good we have been trying to hit the streets more and more each day and it has been easy since we dont have any investigators so yeah we have spent lots of hours on the street and many of kilo meters walking around the city to try to find new investigators and people who are willing and ready to listen and be baptised.

At the end of the night on monday we were making our way home from I think a family home evening and we had like a half an hour to get home so we were like im kind of hungry we could just go home be we decided we could last and we could find someone that would want to know more about our church so we walked around center and tried talking to everyone and it is hard to want to talk to everyone when it is dark and you look like 2 weird guys from america in black coats. But we persisted and found this guy who is 19 named roma and he was way cool we told him where we were from and he was amazed that we were speaking Ukrainian because no one from america learned ukrainina and thats why im really glad im learning it. We talked with him for a while but he wanted to go get some coffee but we were like no thanks could we meet tomorrow though at our church so we can talk and meet he agreed and we met him the next day and we were there right at the time when this other guy was tuning our piano and its funny how deaf this guy was who was fixing the piano but yeah we called roma and he didnt answer so we were sad but then he called and we met and turns out that this 19 year old roma guy is a concert pianist and he was incredible and we were blown away about how good he was and we met and talked and at the end the tuner guy left and we told roma to see how good the piano is and it was already a little out of tune and I could hear it but that was a good get to know you meeting with him so hopefully we will be getting a new piano player in the branch.

This week we have been doing this thing that we call table of books where we stand at a busy part of town and give out pamphlets and books of mormon and family proclamations and it has been really successful we have found 4 new people who we can meet with and we have already met with 2 of them and it has been way fun to be out there doing something where people dont want to run away cause they come to us and i really am glad for all the prayers to help us do the work out here that is just the biggest blessing. 

We have also been working with this man here who is a less active and his name is yurie yahoriv and he is such a cool man he knows english perfictly he playes the piano and he is really funny but he has a problem with the branch he doesnt think anyone loves him and they dont really need him but we always get comments from other people telling us that they miss him and want him back but he also has a word of wisdom problem and that doesnt really help but we will be working with him more but pray for him please he needs it.

So this was the week that we were suposed to get our sr. couple back from america but sister moores heath is still bad and if they come back they wont be back for about a month so that has been a real challenge for us here cause no one can make decisions for the branch and the money or anything so we have been working around lots of stuff but we are praying for them so they can return here and continue doing the work they started.

This part of the letter is to the sisters of the ward who are almost 19 or who are.

Dear Future Sister Missionaries 

Do it Follow the prophet and do it all the sisters here were just like wow i really wish that i could have had this oportunity to do this when i was 19. Most of the sisters here waited cause they thought they should and they tell me that we should advise the girls at home to go on missions.

So yeah i know that my mission where im at would be so blessed with more sister missionaries they really help out here in lviv and if we had them all over the mission the mission would explode with baptisms so if you dont listen to anything else listen to the prophet do it.

Well i love you all.

Elder Naumann 

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