Monday, July 22, 2013

Lviv Mission Conference (From july 8th)

Dear Family,

Well this week was great and sorry for the shortness of the letter this week we have very little time because we have interviews with president lattin in an hour and he is 30 min away so yeah.

Well I think that i will tell you a bit about the lattins they are from Spokane Washington and they have 5 kids Paul peter James and john and a daughter but for obvious reasons I can only remember the boys names. one of their sons lives in pg so that's cool. They served here in Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk as a sr couple and they loved it and well they are very different from the klebingats because of their age the way they act they act like a sr couple and like a stake pres. 

They speak very little Ukrainian but lets just say that the lord has given the gift of tongs to president lattin because he already is really good and he gave a little talk and it was way good Ukrainian. 

Well this week we had a 4th of july activity which was way fun and me and my comp had to basically prepare it all why well lets just say we got thrown under the bus a little. So all week we were working on a jeopardy game and getting root beer ready for everyone and it took a long time to do the jeopardy game and we just made it like 10 min before and the questions were translated into Ukrainian using google translate and lets just say the translation wasn't the best but whatever it just led to a very fun scary game.

We had the activity and the plan was that we would show the people how to make root beer but we decided that it makes no sense to show them how if they cant get the extract stuff from America so we just gave them some and they loved it. We then played the game and they really got into jeopardy and they almost killed each other because they acted like 1st graders and were all like my hand was up first when they were sitting in the front row so yeah we had fun with that and word of advice don't do competitive thinking games with Ukrainians.

We also went to chervonograt this week for the last time because pres. came in and told us no more so that was sad maybe he will still open it but who knows we will be praying. 

We also had a really good mission conference this week it was very basic but fun too, it was the last and only mission conference we can and will have which was sad because thats how big our zone conferences use to be but whatever we had fun and the lattins are great and although it was basic and mostly reminders it was a good start to this mission and i liked it. 

Well that was it family hope you had a good 4th of July and a good week love ya Elder Naumann

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